04-14-18 – Super Smash Bros Tournament at Game Realms in Burbank CA


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Game Realms
137 N Victory Blvd,
Burbank, CA, 91502
Telephone: 818-841-1545

Game Realm is a brick and mortar video game store that buys and sells games and systems from the retro era all the way to the current era, be it NES or PS4, or Dreamcast or 3DS, we will carry games for just about every video game console out there. We also house a gaming room where there are over 10 HD TVs with different game systems hooked up for customers to try out demos for free or rent time to play different games on them. We also have a merchandise section that carries merchandise related to games, like T Shirts, jewelry, pins etc.

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SUPER SMASH BROS WII U Tournament at Game Realms!

November 16th, 2016, Wednesday

Registration: 6:00pm – 6:45pm

Tournament starts: 7:00pm

Tournament entry fee: $5

Venue fee: $5

* Venue fee discount of $4 available to those who bring their own setups (game, console, Gamecube controller adapter); please call in advance and let us know if you will be bringing your setup! Setups only waived if needed.

– 1st: 60%

– 2nd: 30%

– 3rd: 10%

If you have any questions, please leave a message on our Facebook page, , or give us a call at 818-841-1545
– 2 stocks, 6 minutes

– Best of three; top 8 are best of five

– Timeout victories determined by stock count, then percent if stock count is the same

– Any action that stalls the game / makes it unplayable for one or both competitors is banned

– Custom moves, equipment, and Amiibos banned

– 1111 Guest Mii Fighters legal

– All official Nintendo licensed controllers are allowed EXCEPT the Wii U Gamepad

* Batteries must be removed from wireless controllers when not playing.

– Battlefield / Miiverse

– Final Destination

– Lylat Cruise

– Town & City

– Smashville

– Duck Hunt

– Dream Land 64

* Miiverse is treated as Battlefield; if Battlefield is banned, Miiverse is banned and vice versa.
* All Omega stages are banned.

* Gentlemen’s Clause and Dave’s Stupid Rule are in effect.

Game Settings
Two (2) stocks, six (6) minute timer

All sets are best of 3 until top 8, where sets are best of 5

Allowed controllers: Nintendo Gamecube controller, Wii U Pro Controller, Wiimote (with or without Nunchuck), 3DS/2DS.

Batteries from wireless controllers MUST be removed after each set.

You are responsible for your own controller. If your controller causes interference during any match other than your own, you will be punished at the TO’s discretion.

Handicap: OFF

Damage Ratio: 100%

Items: OFF and/or NONE

Pause: OFF

All characters, including DLC, are available

Mii Fighters are legal, 1111 guest size only

Custom Fighters are banned

Custom Moves are banned

Custom Equipment are banned

Set Procedure

Players select characters or Double Blind Character Select (see “Additional Rules” below)

Use Stage Striking (see “Additional Rules” below) to determine first stage

Players play the first game of the set

Winning player of the preceding match bans a stage

Losing player of the preceding match selects a counterpick stage

Winner player of the preceding match may change characters

Losing player of the preceding match may change characters

Players play the next game of the set

Repeat steps 4 through 8 for all subsequent games

Stage List


Battlefield / Miiverse

Final Destination

Lylat Cruise


Town & City


Dream Land 64

Duck Hunt

* Miiverse is treated as Battlefield during the stage ban phase. If Battlefield is

banned, Miiverse is banned and vice versa.

** All Omega stages are banned.

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