#18 Minnesota vs #12 Auburn Highlights | 2020 Outback Bowl Highlights | College Football


2020 Outback Bowl #18 Minnesota vs #12 Auburn Highlights

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  1. Note: At 3:32 in the video on the Minnesota TD that wasn't a bad cut ESPN was still on commercial break and missed the TD

  2. All the love that other big 10 team fans are showing to MN is awesome to see. Hopefully we can stay this good for years to come. This should definitely help recruiting.

  3. Auburn did its usual Auburn thing. Win the Iron Bowl, dont give a s–t about the bowl game. Auburn should have CRUSHED the Gophers. If Auburn loses the Iron Bowl they are a lock to win their bowl.

  4. I was a grad student at the U of M in the early 1990's and watched the Gophers get regularly stomped in the Metrodome. I waited 27 years for a season like this.

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  6. No question the best football comes from both the Midwest and the southeast.

    I’ll admit I have big 10 bias, but I appreciate the great football from the SEC. Both conferences have great teams, tough teams, enthusiastic fans

    Part of the reason why bowl season is so much fun

  7. I was at this game 8 Budweiser’s deep from the beautiful gals working concessions, I kept telling “YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID ANOTHER QB LIKE YOU DID CAM NEWTON!”

  8. ❤❤❤
    What a great season that was, and what a great season ending bowl game win against a great program! GO GOPHERS! ROW THE BOAT! SKI U MAH!

  9. One of the best seasons in recent history for Minnesota. Congrats to your team and coaches. Great win for your program. You guys have a solid head coach that's leading your program in the right direction. Coming from an Auburn fan.

  10. The score should be 24 auburn 17 Minnesota. One touchdown of Minnesota should not have counted because his toe was out of bounds first,then the kick where Minnesota got the ball back never touched the Auburn player touching Minnesota first if anything so Auburn ball.

  11. This the same Auburn team that many people in the SEC said would beat OSU😂😂 Congratulations Minnesota


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