Batman: Arkham City – New Game Plus – Chapter 22 – Mister Freeze Boss Fight


Batman: Arkham City Mission Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Game played on New Game Plus mode with all the WayneTech upgrades and with the Big Head Mode cheat activated.

For more info about the Big Head Mode, check out this video:

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Chapter 22: Mister Freeze

Boss Fight: Mister Freeze Dr. Victor Fries

Location: Gotham City Police Dept.

Primary Objectives:
– Manufacture the cure
– Defeat Mister Freeze

– Return to the GCPD lab to deliver the blood of Rā’s al Ghūl to Mister Freeze


Related Achievements Trophies:
– Hide And Seek
– Perfect Knight – Day 2


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 & PC
Video recorded on: PC


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  1. The fight could’ve been avoided if Batman went to find Freezes wife, I mean it happened even after Batman defeated Freeze.

  2. you know that you're a legend? you didn't take any single hit
    and thanks for the help by the way i know that you will not read this comment but still i should write this

  3. This battle was more
    Exciting than the arkham knight Battle I expected more punching and falling or
    Something than what we got this battle is better than the arkham
    Knight one

  4. is so real it makes me cringe to death i was gonna broke my controller dude i assume its one of the hardest bosses ever in video games

  5. I find it so annoying that you don't have the triple battarang on this game or the upgraded batclaw both of those gadgets were my favorite from asylum and origins. This game is too short excluding the absurd and might I add annoying riddler shit I have always seen it the lesser of the three but an excellent finale at least.

  6. I figured it out in one try but it took me some time to realize that you can actually take him down through the glass like he did at 3:28.

  7. that was the most meaningless fight in the game! ok let's fight so harley can steal the cure & then we'll help each other when we could have done it in the first place! -_-

  8. This is honestly one of the best fights there is, it forces a person to actually try new and different tactics that people may not be use to. I give the creative of this fight an A.

  9. UNRELATED QUESTION. I finished story mode yet i can only use skins for Catwoman. Do i have to download Batman skins? Im on PC by the way.

  10. It isn't random, he'll follow your heat trail unless you jump over an object. You can use this to your advantage and lead him into your traps.

  11. if you spray the explosive the gel on the front of the wall it will explode inward if you spray the gel on the opposite side it will explode outward

  12. How do you take down Freeze using the explosive gel? I tried to use explosive gel in my game, but if didn't seem to affect him whatsoever

  13. you didn't lose the explosive gel which surprised me. I didn't know you could use the disruptor though and you taught me how to use the line launcher on thugs. I thank you.

  14. hank you! I know it was random the way he walks, I just needed to know all the types of takedowns

  15. how come when I tray to throw a baterang at the button to shock him he always finds me even when im hiding like you and he is in the exacted same plaice you throw it but he always turns then kills me


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