Black Snow (Part 1) – VISIBLE LLAMAS


Playing White Day and Black Snow AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.


Afraid of Monsters –
Amnesia: The Dark Descent –
Amnesia Custom Stories –
Ao Oni –
Call of Cthulhu –
Clive Barker’s Undying –
Clock Tower –
Condemned –
Cry of Fear –
Cry of Fear Custom Campaigns –
Doom 3 –
Exmortis –
Exmortis 2 –
Fatal Frame –
Grey –
Heritage –
The House –
The House 2 –
ImScared –
Inside –
Limbo –
Lucius –
Nightmare House 2 –
Penumbra: Black Plague –
Resident Evil –
SCP-087 –
SCP-087-B –
SCP: Containment Breach –
Shadows of the Damned –
Silent Hill 2 –
Slender Maps –
The Stanley Parable –
Which –
White Day –
The Witch’s House –
Yume Nikki –

One-Shots –

Chrono Trigger –
Dear Esther –
Half-Life 2 –
Portal –
Portal 2 –


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  1. Your old commentary is amusing. If there as a drinking game for every time you said "Oh my god", we'd all be dead within the first five minutes. I like your old videos!

  2. Holy crap I am glad that your commentary has improved substantially since this because holy shit, this is terrible.

  3. way waaaaay better than pewdiepie. Pewdiepie talks too much, his voice is annoying, overeacts to everything btw his VOICE IS ANNOYING AS FUCK AND HE WONT SHUT UP him and markiplier are probably  buds

  4. I swear to God I almost died when you changed your voice for reading that email… I usually have your videos on the background while I work…-Takes sip of water- -HarshlyCritical changes voice- -Water flies everywhere- Thanks dude!

  5. And then there will need to be a Half Life mod or an Amnesia custom story named Black Magma…or something like that(Day and night, opposites, snow and magma, opposites)

  6. According to YouTube Analytics, the average is 13-17. But that's far and away the average age of YouTube's general audience, so it's no surprise.

  7. i dont know if someones already said this, but amaluuk is kuulama (cool-llama) backwards! 🙂 and their logo is a llama! a visible one!

  8. Also the game Lost Planet has this Heat for Health function which I did like but got stuck on this one part with a metric butt load of mecha I had to kill but could never do it… Fun game though

  9. nevermind, my question is completely irrelevant, I figured it out by watching someone else play this game. god i am friggin tired ;A;

  10. your character name at the beginning was John Matsuda, so is that your real name? I figured you might have input a name at the beginning of the game but I'm too tired to know for sure.


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