Blitz: The League, A Football Game Rated 'M' for Mature


This game breaks all of the rules and it’s amazing fun.

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  1. They should make a next gen version of this 😂 I remember my dad got me this on accident and i thought I was slick for playing it

  2. A year later, I wonder if this game inspired the meme of cheerleaders dancing while a football player gets his leg and arm snapped in half.

  3. As a kid I went into GameStop and wanted a football game and saw this and nfl street, glad I went with nfl street lmao

  4. I still have this and Blitz The League 2. I wish they were able to be played on the One X. I’d play them all the time, I still play them more than I should. Heaps of fun. Like NFL Blitz vs High Impact Football.


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