Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination


These days, there’s a fetish for pretty much everything. If you can imagine it, there’s a corner of the internet where it’s a thing. One fetish gaining traction is “financial domination”—an extreme form of submission based on the pain of giving away thousands of dollars, only to be told you’re a piece of shit by some domme you’ll likely never meet and won’t ever have sex with.

In our money-centric society, finding sexual pleasure by giving away your money seems like the ultimate dystopian fetish. But for the cash slaves who get off on financial domination, losing money is a real turn-on.

In this episode of Love Industries, we step into the world of financial domination to understand its growing allure.

Special thanks to the FinDoms who provided archival material for this piece: Lara Kane, Goddess Lola Lux, Princess Jersey, Princess Kelly Sunshine, Princess Rene, Cherry Torn, and Mix Trix Fix.

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  1. Hey Ladies seeking to get into Findom and want a slave to work for you for free on Web Design, Recruiting Slaves, Marketing you, explaining all of the different websites to use to make money selling pics and clips, taking phone calls or texting $. I will also pay you for this honor of working for you daily. You can reach me on Twitter @RTCuckBitch

  2. Financial domination?? I hope all involve are currently being dominated by covid 19 financially and physically

  3. When she said her name was mixtrix my mind immediately went to trail mix and I couldn’t take her seriously

  4. It is extorsion ! Makes me think about the 19 th century high class prostitutes in France , ruining men , provoking suicides and bankruptcies ! It is an evil game indeed

  5. She thinks she's mine fucking men but that millionaire mind fucked her, she still wondering why she got that money.

  6. ''Don't kink shame me''
    Bruh, you literally left your wife and kid and became poor to be abused by some old slampig. Get help.

  7. I had no idea the government was so kinky. They’ve been fin domming me ever since I took out my student loans.

  8. Anyways, I’m looking for a new pet to keep me entertained, if you considered yourself worthy of my time fucking prove it and approach correctly

    Don’t waste my time and submit

  9. How is this a turn on exactly I can't comprehend how any guy could get aroused by spending all their money on an online dominatrix

  10. This guy obviously suffers from the result of his choices and you're making the thing that hurt him look like it's a great idea. is this a coverage or a social drama snuff film? step it up, vice. you're starting to seriously suck.


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