Colin's Last GameOverGreggy Show – The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 174


Colin Moriarty joins us for his final GameOverGreggy Show to talk about the past, present, and future. (Released first to Patreon Supporters on 03.31.17)

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Every day Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino talk about the biggest stories in nerd culture.


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  1. When you build a brand on a “best friends” motto, and then abandon your best friend at his rock bottom moment, it sort of exposes the whole charade these people put on for the camera.

  2. This is all so unfortunate. It definitely it was deeper than the tweet (which all should have been needed was a simple apology on KF and move on) and he was driven out. Hopefully Greg and Colin can mend things in the future.

  3. Colin essentially went off to create identical content to what he was producing with kinda funny which shows that there was no difference in vision but rather a personal feud. They act friendly here but there was real animosity between them.

  4. Wow watching this video years later you guys did colin like some straight bitches smh it was a fukin joke

  5. Fuck I was only a part of this community for a year when all this went down, I don't even know why I'm back here.

    God I haven't even tuned into a Witta Wednesday in maybe Half a Year (if that's Even a Thing Still?)

    What a weird year; then, now… Glad both communities seem to be doing alright though. I feel very bleh now, and note-able GoGs I should rewatch Best Friends?

  6. “Colin will never be a dirty word”.
    And from that day Greg has never acknowledged Colin’s existence, even on the rebranding of PSILY

  7. Colins welcome back anytime! Unless he reaches out to me then fuck him Im over our friendship lol. Still a fan guys but damn it was sad watching this at the time but even sadder in hindsight.

    “We have years of friendship ahead…..” no Colin, unfortunately mate, you don’t.

  8. I have to differ from the majority of the comments here it would seem and say that this seems to be more honest now than it did then. It seems really obvious now, guys wanted a company, and Colin wanted it being more small scale and wanted to engage in politics. Even though it destroyed my heart back then and it still did now when I saw that last minute again, it really seems it was a long time coming and the best decision for both Colin and the company.

  9. in 2020 I find myself back here at this video after all that's happened with this group. While I listen to this again I can't understand anyone that doesn't think Colin is completely rational, giving and understanding of his co-workers visions, while history has shown the complete opposite from his so called 3 compatriots at KF. Every word they said here was a lie, every single one and they couldn't wait to get rid of Colin. With friends like the Kinda Funny crew who would ever need enemies?

  10. Damn this hasnt aged well. Kinda funny went downhill from here. Just another generic pop culture channel.

  11. You have a fake motto and built a fake community so you can survive of the money this community gives you. I stopped watching all videos after this and I started at the beginning. Colin was always the best part of this group, the rest are average dudes of average intelligence.

  12. At 1:55:18 when Greg starts “crying” and says I love you, the way Colin responds and how he jokingly said “I’ll never see you again”…maybe I’m reading too much into it but I’ve always felt that Colin knew it was the truth. Makes me sad man, they were a great team. Sucks they had to do him like that.

  13. Only got into KF in the last year and always heard about Colin. I don't get it… he just seems like a blow hard edge-lord in this video and on Rogan. I understand nostalgia of the long time fans but KF is better without him.

  14. My YouTube feed constantly fills up with content from kinda funny and from CLS. So occasionaly this video pops up, and I have probably seen it 3 times over the last 3 years, and every time I see it it saddens me even more. Hearing them talk about doing guest appearances on each other's shows in the future and promoting each other's content makes me think that they were just saying that to appease the fans. None of that has happened and quite frankly it's disingenuous and disheartening. I hope one day that they're able to set aside their egos and their differences and do something together for the fans. I'm not holding my breath though. 🙁

  15. “Your always gonna be family” What a fucking bullshit lie Greg. This whole thing was a farce from the beginning.

  16. This gang has fallen apart since, Col was the grounded one, without him it's just three juvenile, loud and mostly clueless dudes.


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