[Cover] Em Gái Mưa – Rainy Girl (English Version) / with lyrics


Em Gái Mưa English version by Ngân Xa from BHC Music
Originally performed by: Hương Tràm
English lyrics and Instrumental by: Jistie Kay
Recorded and Mixed by: Hoàng Tâm

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Sunshine is fading out, drifting through the rain
Tears soaking up my face, crying hard in vain
Remember (when) we first met, your eyes drove my heart insane
Now that I’m all alone in this pain

Never in (my) wildest dream that I’ve fallen in love
With someone who’s treating me as his best friend
I don’t know when this fire started burning this way
But it keeps on growin’ stronger everyday
All this time I’ve been praying that I’d be your girl
My love for you is written in the stars, it’s plain to see
And then the truth broke my heart. It’s been torn into pieces
You’ve been with someone else
I’m left alone in hell

Try to smile, pretend that I’m gonna be alright
But deep inside, I’ve locked up in this dark every night
But I know I will let go
Coz happiness is to see
You’re smiling everyday with someone you love

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  1. If ya like it, please leave comments and likes, and subscribe our channel for more music videos.
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  2. Try to smile, Pretend that I"m gonna be alright, But deep inside, I've locked up in this dark every night
    But I know I will let go Cause happiness is to see. You're smiling everyday with someone you love. @mycoconut

  3. My ex boy Friend leave me without a proper answer .just mentioned we can’t meet anymore .its okay.leave him n he has no love for me.He find a better pretty woman than me.

  4. I appreciate every version's effort and sharing. For the English version, this is what I personally like best. Rather than the literal form of the Vietnamese original, to me, it captures the whole essence and the theme of the song in naturally and beautifully flowing English. Thank you for sharing! The singer is also great!! Be proud!

  5. This is the best version for me… I incidentally heard this song in my downloaded favourite english love songs, i like it very much that i wanted to know more about the singer.. i did not stop until i found it… I struggled to get information about this new song (to me), no knowledge of title, no idea who sang it, then only to find out it is an english version (cover) of Vietnamese song,😍..

  6. I was struggling to find the title of this song. Shazam didn't work out. But somehow I managed it. What a beautiful song!

  7. missing my ex boyfriend soo much he never love me he never say that to me 4 years we're spen time together he just say he like me a lot I miss you baby 💔

  8. I thought true love he expressed to me every day we meet he give sweet smile and cute. All girls be aware of love . Very ouch if you get heart break , think before say yes to your heart if love knocking your mind ok. Thanks a lot God bless u all.

  9. Hi thanks for a nice and lovely song . Perfect in my love happened before that my best friend we feel in love secretly but suddenly hurt we getting apart because we lived another place and very far. Before we saying goodbye he hug me and cry together.😭 i missed him so much until now .

  10. You say, that reup is not allowed, but But if someone else did not uploaded this song to their video, I and many other peoples would never hear this masterpiece. I was hard to find you. I spend nearly 1 hour to find your video. The cover is really beautiful. Than you for sharing this with us. Sorry for bad eng, but this song is really a true masterpiece. Will you upload instrumental ver for karaoke? It would be awesome… :c

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