Creed Virgin Island Water Review ☀️🌴🍹


Creed Virgin Island Water Review | Virgin Island Water By Creed Review
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Creed Virgin Island Water Review + Full Bottle Giveaway ☀️🌴🍹

This is my Creed Virgin Island Water Review. Been wanting to do another review as I had a review up on a previous channel. Although my previous video was mostly a layering video with Creed’s Aventus where you can get that Pina Colada like smell since Virgin Island Water is mostly coconut and rum and you have pineapple in Creed’s Aventus and both layered together you get a nice fresh fruity pina colada vibe. I prefer the fruitier Aventus batch for more fruity pineapple smell rather than the more woody and less fruity smelling Aventus.

But Creed Virgin Island Water is a very happy fragrance. It transports me to a tropical island vacation setting even though I’m not there. The combo of coconut, lime, flowers and sugar and rum also act like a pina colada minus the pineapple of course. But if you love a happy fragrance that’s even though targeted to men and could be worn by both men and women then do give Virgin Island Water a try as I think you’ll enjoy this fragrance. It’s very non offensive and a crowd pleaser and compliment getter. This is a fragrance I can even wear to the office as it’s very pleasant. In the winter if you are needing to be transported to that island setting then spray on some Virgin Island Water.

Creed – Virgin Island Water
Eau De Parfum
120ml Suggested Retail for $425
Discounts available at
Under $200 at YouHawk for 120ml


Top Notes:
Coconut, Lime, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot

Heart Notes:
Ginger, Jasmin, Hibiscus, Ylang-Ylang

Base Notes:
Musk, Sugar, White Rum

As always please watch, rate, share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Even though I own a bottle of Virgin Island Water, Creed Virgin Island Water was sent to me for this review. The views and opinions are all my own. 🙂

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  1. Did you win the Creed Virgin Island Water full bottle giveaway prize? Please watch this video to find out and please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon.

  2. This juice became cheaper over the years. Scent doesn't have any sillage or longevity. Love the scent but it is really water water. Is there a way to layer this with someting to get more longevity?

  3. I’m sorry I completely disagree. This ones definitely not a safe bet for an office setting. Especially as a guy you’ll get looked at sideways. Now on the other hand if I’m in Mexico at the beach with a corona in my hand then I’m sure folks would love it. But this one imho is very polarizing. I think it completely depends on the setting and season

  4. Its great when others enjoy the way you smell but I choose colognes based on how much I enjoy the scent as I wear it. The perfect description of VIW is pleasant. Love this stuff. It improves my spirit.

  5. Awesome video! How do you layer them? First VIW and then Aventus? Or opposite? Which do you put more? Thanks!

  6. my favourite creed fragrance, works amazing – unfortunately people seem to get put off by others describing it as sun tan lotion, but this is a bit far fetched, the coconut is really rich followed by the lime and its very natural smelling, great fragrance to enhance my mood at work – even better in a large open office where a refreshing smell like this really pops out

  7. Glad you mentioned using this during the winter ..provides a very uplifting blast on those miserable cold days

  8. VIW is highly over-rated! It smells like suntan lotion and/or cocoa butter lotion. The performance and longevity of VIW is also extremely poor. It's definitely not worth full retail. If you really want to own VIW look for a steeply discounted bottle online.

  9. I recently found out they took out the coconut in Virgin Island Water. I'm pretty intrigued to do a side by side comparison of the old and potential new fragrance. Great video!

  10. Dominican Republic or Barbados… Amazing islands. i love creed but l bought a bad batch from Notino of VIW, they refunded my money and apologized. NY my state.

  11. I would love to try this one. The smell of coconuts reminds me of when I lived in Cartagena, Colombia. Also a very beautiful place for vacation. I live in Texas.

  12. I haven't smelled Creed virgin island water yet… I actually just ordered my first Creed fragrance and that's Aventus … When I actually get time to go on vacation it's usually topsail in NC … Seeing that I live in North Carolina it isn't the most exotic of course but still a vacation.

  13. I love coconut note. My favourite summer holiday's scents are Penhaligon`s Esprit du Roi, Jade Dragon by Shanghai Tang, Aqva Amara by Bvlgari and Un Jardin Apres la Mousson by Hermès. My most usual holiday destination is south east Asia, so that scents have in my opinion tropical, jungle Asia vibe, but non of them is a boozy scent, so it will be very interesting to try this Creed's VIW. Huston, TX

  14. My favourite Island destination is any of the Greek Islands…. I love it. My favourite scents for the summer are VIW, and of course Jo Malone's unfortunately dicsontinued Wild Fig and Cassis 🙂 My state is FL 🙂 thank you Sebastian !!! Awesome review

  15. Favorite Island. "The Big Island" Hawaii. Love the creamy coconut and airy, light aromas of this scent. If I win, I would wear this to work, and maybe let my husband wear it too. ;-). Redmond, WA. Thanks Sebastian. 🙂

  16. Want to try virgin island because of the rum and coconut notes. Favourite Island = Koh Mak, Thailand. Missouri, USA

  17. Live in New York. Favorite island is probably Barbados! Favorite part of VIW is definitely the lime opening!

  18. Thank you Sebastian for interesting review!
    I like Creed, especillay Aventus !!!
    But I do not like coconut in fragarnces.
    USA, De

  19. Virgin Island water smells wonderful. Never been to the tropics, so it has to fill in Ocean City, Maryland. Pennsylvania

  20. Have not smelled VIW. But I have a cheaper alternative St.Sail Barts. I really enjoy coconut based scents. My dream location would be Canary Islands. My state is New York. Thank you for your review and for the chance of winning a great fragrance.

  21. Great video, Sebastian! I love how well blended it is the combination between the rum, coconut, and lime. It's like one of those body mists but done better. I'm also a huge sucker for rum as a note, so there's that. My favourite island setting is Santorini, Greece. Just so many good memories there with family and the crystal blue ocean. I'm currently residing in Michigan.

  22. Great review on this classic summer scent.. Agree with everything you said. what a generous giveaway.. I really like it.. For a coconut type fresh pina colada vibe this one was my favorite. Never thought about wearing it in the winter.. If I win, ill def try it haha. Cheers. – NY, USA.

  23. Hi Sebatian! Excellent video. I am glad that .You are giving us a chance to win this.. I do not own any Creed fragrances. But I sure would love to..I could not afford to take a vacation to a tropical island. With this Fragrance. It would be the next bedt thing! I think it would be the coconut because I like that note alot. I have St. Barts. And I like it..I live in Oregon. PLEASE count me in! Tak cae bud.. Demetre

  24. Virgin Island Water smells like sun tan lotion, rum, and a vacation without a care in the world. My friend has it and I've always wanted a bottle. I have Tommy Bahama St Bart's which catches a bit of the dry down of VIW. My favorite island get away would be St Thomas, want to try to do it with my significant other hopefully one day 😀 Utah. Keep up the good work Sebastian!


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