Cry Plays: Black Snow [P1]


Made by Chromatic Developers :

Go here for a quick explanation on what’s been going on with my head :

With what is said on top, yeah! Fuck it man. I just want to have fun again and not worry about trying to not step on any toes with playing things that, to some people, might already be overplayed. I want to play it too, man! Let me enjoy myself. I’m not someone who can go and play a game he doesn’t like just to make videos on it. If I stop doing a playthrough it’s because of either A: I just got too busy, B: I just stopped liking the game, or C: some crazy bugs kept me from continuing.

It’s my channel. Stop trying to make me dance a certain rhythem for you and let me be the person I’ve always been.

Okay! So! With that said! Black Snow. This is pretty damn awesome so far. I love the level of detail put into it – you can tell they spent a good amount of time getting the atmosphere just right, and I really am looking forward to seeing where the story takes us exactly.

Also definitely inspired by The Thing without a doubt. Yup! Yup. No problem with that.

Music by Minero – Warpath : ℗ 2013 Audiophile Live LLC (Provided by )


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  1. Cry: Sees dead body "Oh, hello there!" 😀 Game: 'Something smells sour…' Cry: "Ah well, depends on what he ate…" throws a box at the corpse "Rest in Peace!" 😀

  2. Based on the observation notes, I'd guess this fungus has alkaline properties (rather than acidic), since vinegar helps fend it off.

  3. Cry has seen 2001 a Space Odyssey  and he likes Pink Floyd, I love this dude.This game is the scariest I've seen, other than Soma. The sounds of those hurried footsteps in the dark freaks me out so bad.


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