DON'T LOOK AT IT… | The Mannequin


I HATE MANNEQUINS!! They’re SO scary and I don’t know why!
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  1. Dude Im like shivering and scaring myself by watching all these 3 scary games , but this one almost killed meh -.-

  2. Girls: You didn't cry watching that, movie? Do you have any emotions*? Do you even know what *tragedy is?

    Boys: 13:17

  3. my fight or flight response was triggered at 7:00 and I almost threw my computer (yes- computer) plus my cat jumped on me so I squeaked and spasmed. Amazing, right ;-;

  4. me- looks at title well shit
    me- puts lo-fi on another tab
    it's so weird with the peaceful music on and Mark just yelling😂

  5. This crept me out like…It crept the living day lights out of me. I couldn't even look at the screen straight for about half the video, this I really thought was scary. I don't like dolls nor mannequins and the like that much, maybe sometimes but when it starts to get creepy…I'm out. Hope this doesn't give me nightmares tonight.

  6. Just gonna say my thoughts quick… What if the grandmother was the little girl? (insert thinking emoji here)

    Dunno, that’s my guess and it’s such a basic af guess too, I’m sure other people thought of that already xD

    But she had the house and didn’t live in it or sell it? I could only think it was for the fact she was traumatized by what happened (therefore never lived in it), but couldn’t let it go since it was her childhood home (so she didn’t sell it). Although I’m unsure about the fact that they never found the little girl… maybe she didn’t want to be found just in case the murderer found out about her and tried to kill her again? Or maybe she just never wanted to be found and that was it?

    That’s my take on it anyways!!! :3

  7. Catching up on these old videos while staying at home. I've seen suicidally-stupid characters in horror games and movies but this one is a whole new level. No sane person puts together a creepy mannequin (or doesn't instantly take it apart again) and then starts experiencing reality-shifts but just keeps waltzing around making calm comments

    "They never found the little girl"? How about, "WTH I need to leave this clearly haunted house where the rooms are changing!" It's hard to feel sympathy for a character acting so nonchalant and oblivious.
    Also there's the constant annoyance of a flashlight that doesn't obey the laws of physics. Photons do not disappear into nothing when object are more than a few yards away. I hope they fix these things when the games goes beyond from being a demo.
    At least Mark's reactions were entertaining as always.

  8. When the mannequins head flipped around I literally let out a squeak.. I'm a 30 year old man-child apparently…

  9. I’m hiding in the comments. I’m alone and it’s 8:00 pm. Long story short. I’m alone, and it’s dark. And I chose to watch THIS.


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