Game Grumps Isn't Funny Anymore (Ls Mark reupload)


Original upload date: Feb 20, 2019

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Hey I’m Grump.

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  1. Something he didn’t comment on, but has always irked me is that dan has a bit of a compulsive lying problem. He’s told so many stories on gg in which Arin starts poking holes in, leading to Dan laughing it off like that was the joke the whole time. I love Dan but this isn’t a very good trait to have.

  2. Some of his points are valid but their are some that I do agree, I do agree that game grumps is not funny anymore also that I don't like Arin personality.

  3. "For being called lovelies you guys are dicks"
    So accurate
    10:53 yup the hypocrisy of modern game grumps fans is real especially as more and more stuff about Arins past comes to light (some that aren't even 4 years old and are in old Dan era videos)

  4. Danny constantly calls Arin out of his shit and nonsensical comments. I have no clue what he was talking about there.

  5. Okay hang on a sec. Sonic Boom, the video game, the one that was clearly rushed, unpolished, and made within the span of a few months, the one who constantly had bugs to the point of end/beginning of episode bits MADE by Barry, to show that this game was clearly unfinished and not tested, that's the example this goober is going with? I understand that Arin is bad at games and misses fundamental parts of most if not all games, but Sonic Boom? Bruh.

  6. I’m a huge gg fan and some of his points were valid. Man I really see arin and his wife in a different light now. I just hope Dan is the same guy we see on gg. I always thought he was funnier than arin at his best.

  7. Arin and Suzy have a long, shady history where they're constantly being caught doing shitty things but always try to either cover it up or yell at the fans for calling them out. Arin has been on video dropping n-bombs so many times that there are compilations made out of it, he defended Suzy for scamming their fans with cheap yet overpriced jewelry and then played victim when she was caught after lying about it, he burned bridges with his entire OG Newgrounds friend group over a Sr Pelo animation that he called "mean" even though Arin once released a video of a teenage girl being raped by sharks, had a fan harassed for making a "god damn it Ross" joke and then called them "just some rando on the internet" when they were shamed into apologizing, and the list goes on and on. Whenever his past his brought up the fans always say "well yeah but he apologized" while they hold a grudge against JonTron because he's said bad things even though he cleared it up. Meanwhile the GG cast is responsible for multiple controversies that they either refuse to address or give out self-pity induced non-apologies when pressured.

    I used to be a big fan of Arin's work since I was a high schooler, but watching him completely sell out for money has been a long and disappointing journey.

  8. I'm so glad we have people like you to shed light on these matters mark.I thought the majority of your points were well argued with a few exceptions.Rock on dude!

  9. Just saying, after watching someone for any amount of time they would eventually get less funny. To be frank I still believe they are funny and work well together.

  10. TLDR: I strongly disagree with about 90% of your points (and I did indeed watch the entire video).

    I personally find Game Grumps to be funny and charming, and I don't blame Arin in the least for making a living out of something he does that: 1) he enjoys; 2) is successful; and 3) allows him to spend time productively with people he (apparently) genuinely enjoys being around.

    And if there's one thing I hate more than someone telling me what my opinion is, it's someone taking 15 mins of time to make somewhat disparate (though very valid and thorough) arguments to tell me what my opinion is.

  11. I watched them at a weird time in my life. I was coming to terms with my sexuality, and was a young kid who just wanted to laugh at something. These guys kept me through hard times when my depression got the best of me. Coming after them because you don’t like there comedy and calling them unfunny, is just bad. Like, actually give a decent criticism that isn’t brought up by the actual fans. They are near and dear to me. And Oneyplays is just an offensive amalgamation of a channel. Oh and the point of Game Grumps being annoying and boring because they talk about there lives and just having conversations is rude and arrogant. It’s not supposed to be a dumb let’s play where they yell and scream offensive language *cough cough Oneyplays and Supermega*. And I didn’t know you could just throw away Jontron’s racism. And Arin and Suzy’s racism goes back ten years ago while Jon’s was last year. I’m not saying it’s okay but Arin has changed since then. His argument is childish.

  12. The only YouTube video that I had 3k likes on a comment where I said everybody gangster till the YouTube animator crosses their arms. It deserved to be erased

  13. So what's the reason why this video was deleted
    Was it because mark had legit bad points
    Or was it because of the hatred fans

  14. where this video gets lost for me is the fact that it kind of takes the oldhead route of equating change to a decrease in quality. The channel has changed and it's fair to criticize, but they have the number of subs they do for a reason. Some of these "points" seem brought up entirely to be negative or pad runtime rather than offer something of substance. The bit about the power hour being called that even though it's only 10 minutes is because that name is a joke. and even if it wasn't who cares right? That's not a legit criticism. The hyperbole of equating grumps to a dictatorship that is untouchable and will execute you for criticizing them immediately makes the video distasteful and annoying, frankly. The Grumps have expanded and included new things like merch and live shows and all of that stuff not because they're soulless corporate entities but because those are ways fans can feel connected and a part of the experience. do they profit off it? most definitely and i don't mean to assert that they are wholeheartedly charitable but they ARE good people who care about and listen to their audience. the lofi stream advertisement is also a joke. is anything about arin screaming lofi or relaxing? fuck no. the game grumps brand makes their identity by being a collection of inside jokes that fans can be a part of, so criticizing them for following that model does a disservice to your credibility. if there's a legitimate criticism or a complaint about a way in which game grumps has specifically disillusioned you then that's different but as it stands this video is just a clout chaser attacking a large content creator for views. That may not be the intention but that's how it comes across. Youtube channels that have longevity have to diversify, otherwise their audience grows up and isn't interested or their content becomes repetitive and estranging. it's as simple as that, really

  15. I've never been a big fan of these guys, i saw early on that the hype is not right, like Pewds, game grump, game/film theory, i left smosh after 2016, i just didn't like a lot of the popular channels growing up in the 2010s. I was in middle school when these asshats were picking up steam. I just thought their content was boring & repetitive, like the paul brothers. That's also the same reason why I hate pewdiepie, his fan base isn't as toxic as others, but i just don't like his content.

  16. I don't like some of his points in the video and some of the things he says are kinda of uncalled for but recently I came to a realization that their videos have gotten weak lately. Like in the new episodes there are so many awkward silences that it really takes you out of the video. AS well as random rants or conversations that lead nowhere. In the older gamegrumps videos there is so much energy and enthusiasm and it just always put a smile on my face and gave me countless good laughs. And then now they always sound kind of tired or bores, I'm not sure if they are just getting a bit ummmm I don't want to say old but maybe tuckered out. I just hope they get back to their old fun and energetic ways again sometime soon.

  17. Okay so I really like game grumps but did Arin and Suzy ever come out apologizing for the racist comments? I don't really agree with everything this guy says about the brand or the humor or whatever, but I agree that those types of comments are pretty fucked up. Did they ever acknowledge and apologize for them?

  18. I don't like GG anymore because they're obviously pandering to kids with stupid potty humor and redundant slapstick comedy. It's a good business decision but they shouldn't be surprised why some of their old fans have become dissolutioned.

  19. "I'll never do a let's play because they're stupid" And then he starts a let's play channel due to their increasing popularity. Can someone say "Fucking sheep"?

  20. I'm kinda torn on these videos.

    They made Mark's channel stand out, because he had a spine and would fight for his opinion. Not only that, but he wouldn't disguise his opinion as a fact (most of the time) and would defend his right to express it. It was really unique and refreshing.

    However, while I stand for how he expresses his opinions, I don't like the opinions themselves. Most of his rant videos were comprised of just whining like a little bitch about channels much funnier and more successful than he is. This one I personally agree with but the point still stands.

    Even though I disliked his opinions though, I enjoyed watching his rant videos because I could at least see someone else's views on something without being insecure or without pretending that they're objectively right due to their ego. Now that he deleted all these videos, all that made his channel stand out is gone. He's just a mediocre TV Show reviewer now.

  21. Danny and Jon were the only reason GG was kept a float and I feel like Danny still dose a dibbity damn good job at jokes when he’s not held down by Arin

  22. How can anyone support the proposition that Arin was never funny when this video itself is a shitty knockoff of sequelitis? Enlighten me.

  23. I love the clip of the guy asking arin and dan about jon cause he really is the ultimate 'lovely' a word slurring autismo who eats out of arins hand

  24. So this guy
    1. Says GG has bad host but everything he said about Dan was false. Dan doesn’t accept everything Arin says, he isn’t afraid to tell him he’s wrong either.
    2. He resorted to calling the Grumps racist as a way to say they aren’t funny smh
    3. Says Arin just isn’t funny, that’s subjective as to what is funny, and Arin often times doesn’t need to rely on Dan to be funny. Often times he inspires a lot of the laughter.

    I think this guy just has some personal issue with GG, his argument isn’t compelling to me whatsoever, I love the Grumps but I took the time to watch this whole vid and frankly I’m not impressed. That hit on Suzy was a low blow as well. This probably isn’t everything but it’s what I noticed first glance.


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