Gameloft Action Pack – iPhone/iPod touch Trailer


NOW available on the App Store:
Action heroes wanted! If you can never get enough action, if you’re always thirsting for a good fight, this is the pack for you! Lift your sword & challenge the gods in Hero of Sparta; storm the beaches of World War II in Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes; and grab your weapon of choice for the brutal fighting game, Blades of Fury.
This 3-in-1 deal is available only with the Gameloft Action Pack for iPhone & iPod touch, NOW FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

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  1. These games bring back childhood memories god bless you gameloft definitely my favorite game developer of all time too bad these games are not available now

  2. when i launch brothers in arms after the vid the screen turns black and nothing happens! (except music) and i can press something but idk what it is!

  3. For combat at arms when it freezes tap the upper right hand corner than click back then it should work for sparta click the middle of the screen

  4. I buy brothers in arms and it has 13 mission but on the action pack that comes with three games it has 14 mission.

  5. Well NOVA 2 and modern combat 2
    Nova should have an assume rifle that has a scope but pull up like in modern combat but only goes like half of forth the distance of sniper and shoots a 3 round burst, plus more online players and games, mabey vehicles and chrouching ?
    Modern combat 2 snowstorm or something
    Mabey add custom classes, pistols? M1911? Glock 17-32 one of then? Bereta? Deagle?
    Proneing jumping?

  6. Good if it was 3 FULL games for free. But noooo…….gameloft has to set a price on like 9.99$. Just to earn some money. Wich the already have…ALOT of.


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