Get Drunk and Fight 5-Year-Olds – The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 142


Greg shows you the official tailgate drink of the Antlers, Tim wants to fight children, Nick brings his toys to SF, and Colin wants to talk numbers. (Released to Patreon Supporters 08.22.16)


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Every day Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino talk about the biggest stories in nerd culture.


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  1. I am super late to this Party! But, man! What an awesomely hilarious episode! And just fun in so many ways! I would love to see all of you guys, and even at this point newcomers, like Andy, Barret*, Joey and whomever you’d like to have on the show and just go straight down nostalgia land with toys, or whatever you played with as kids! And funny with the numbers conversation how this episode ended on a runtime of all 1’s! Coincidence!? Perhaps? Lol!

  2. At Michigan State we had pink panty pull-downs which consisted of 20 bud lights, 6 pink lemonade concentrates, a half gallon of vodka and a few limes bc why not. So many memories!!

  3. The original Jetfire was made by the same company who made the Macross Valkyrie/Robotech Veritech Fighters, that's why the Jetfire looks like a Veritech fighter, it's the same mold.

  4. Subway is garbage, that's just truth, but Jimmy Johns?!?! Seriously? Fuck that dry, barebones, tasteless horseshit. Do yourselves a favor and track down a Jersey Mike's.

  5. I am confused.  Episode 141 had the dinosaur topic and this is episode 142 with the numbers – yet they said last week they discussed favourite planet?  Is that a Patreon exclusive episode or something?  If it is then fine, just wondered if I have missed something as I cannot find it on the channel.

  6. Great topic Colin. My favorite numbers are 7 and 16 and they mean alot to me, especially the number 7.

    My dad, brother and I are all essentially tied to the number 7 by birth. My dad was born on the 7th of September. I was born on the 16th day (6+1=7) of the 7th month of the year.

    My brother was also born on the 7th month of the year on the 25th day (2+5=7) I've always thought that was a cool fact about us.

    The number 5 is also meaningful. My grandpa had five kids and they were all girls. Then his first 5 grandkids from said daughters were all boys.

  7. Hi guys. I'm so happy for you all.
    Just a little tip.
    I think your camera's white balance is slightly off.
    The Long Shot is a bluish hue as opposed to the Two Shots, which are better balanced.
    Not a big deal, I'm sure you already knew this because Nick is OCD about these sort of things 🙂
    Keep up the fantastic work and best of luck to you.


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