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So you want to be a game journalist! Where to start? Freelancer Rob Rath shares his experience and advice, from practicing writing on a personal blog to researching the types of articles sites publish and even how to write a good pitch.
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Want some journalism resources to help you get started? Here’s a few of our favorites!

“Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide to Videogame Journalism” by Nathan Meunier

“Critical Path: How to Review Videogames For a Living” by Dan Amrich

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  1. So you want to be a game journalist. Where should you start?

    PLUS: Don't miss the limited edition Extra Credits Gamevolution shirt only available until July 13:

  2. I’m currently a basketball journalist on a blog but obviously enjoy video games so this video helped in both fields

  3. Greetings from Brazil!
    Love this video.
    1)Do you think still Worth 2020?
    What do you think new video about this theme?

  4. "If they're too small to pay you, they're too small to give you an audience." YES, THANK YOU. It's a rant I've given and heard over and over for books and short stories and it's never not true of a creative career.

  5. I just returned from PAX East this past weekend and realized how much I loved talking to the indie developers about their games and why they created the game like it is. It even got to a point where one of the developers asked me if I was a journalist. Looking around at where to get started, this video really helped me establish a path to figure out if journalism is for me. Thank you so much for this quality video!

  6. "how to be a game journalist."
    dont actually play the game.
    bitch about said game.
    then pretend to be the majority consumer.

  7. Hey, thanks for the video, Extra Credits! Can't wait for part two on dismantling and rebuilding games journalism as a whole, because we need it!

  8. You say you pitch your idea and then, if they accept it, you write it. What if you were to write the piece first (just to see if it works) then edit it as they want it? It's always easier editing previously written work then writing from scratch.

  9. Some of the points here is so useful for aspiring journalists in general. Writing for a school newspaper is definitely a great experience to do, since I am doing it right now from time to time. It allows you to improve much faster, and editors (competent ones) will actually tell you what you're doing wrong and teach you. You'll be surprised at the amount of bad writers there are in a school newspaper. Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. Use a chance like this to see if you like writing, and how skilled you are.

  10. I think i'm going to start a little gaming blog of reviews and tips! Thanks Dan, James and sorry i don't know your names but i apreciate your job! =) Thanks!


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