How to increase the points in the Brick Pop game in Messenger? [for Android users]


Hello! Today, I’m showing you how to increase the points in the Brick Pop game (Brick Breaker) of Facebook’s Messenger on Android. It’s more like a increasing the points of a game than hacking a game and you can get high scores just like I did in the video. The similar process is for the desktop version and I’d make the video soon.
Just write in the comments section below if I should make that video or not!
Warning! This video is just for educational purposes. Please don’t try this for fun or for anything that may arise problems. If any problems is arised, I won’t be responsible for that. Watch it at your own risk!
You need GameGuardian or any other similar apps such as Game Killer, Game Hacker, etc. to try this. In the video, I am using GameGuardian. You also need to have your device rooted to use GameGuardian.

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