How to use Game Genie and Action Replay Codes on a hacked SNES Classic (Tutorial)


Here you go cheaters! 😉
Super easy to follow guide to using game genie and Action Replay codes for multiple systems on the SNES Classic!

How to Hack your Classic system

NES and SNES Classic Modding help!

Hakchi CE

All your SNES Classic hacking tutorial needs!

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  1. Hey Patton, do you have an updated version of making these codes work through Retroarch on Hakchi 3.8? I've read several tutorials, and can enable retroarch on my snes mini games (well, most of them), but when I go to load the cheat files and turn them on (and apply), they just won't work. I'm running them through the snes9x core. Any tips?

  2. amazing video billion thanks!!!!!! finally someone with common sense a brilliant brain put something we all want !

  3. I am getting game genie cheats to work no problem but I can't seem to get any action replay cheats to work for any of the games I tried.

    Anyone have a quick fix for this something I am missing?

  4. hey Patton, which snes9x emulator did you download in order to go into the retroarch mode? is it the snes9x2002, snes9x2005, snes9x2005 plus, snes9x2010 or the latest? Because I downloaded the snes9x2016 and it doesn't allow me to go into retroarch mode (start+select) and none of the cheats are working. Please help.

  5. Hi when selecting . Select and start . This option just kicks you out of a game. How can you get Retroarch menu up. thanks

    Console : gameboy /gameboy advance/gameboy color/game gear/sega genesis/sega master system/nintendo 64/nintendo/snes
    KMDFManic here the link

  7. what retroacrch core are you using to run the original snes games? what does your command line look like? thanks!

  8. i saw a video you put –43smooth which gives error because should be –smooth43. and now this video you just say retroarch menu without even showing how. How are any of these tutorials supposed to help?

  9. This would be great if we all had those same cores, what I downloaded had like nothing in it, let alone the _km_retroarch_cheats_nes files, where do I get those?

  10. As usual, 2019 and we STILL can't get a PERFECT Saturn emulator system to work because it uses two types of graphics software for their games. When did the Saturn come out again? 1996? 23 years later and we STILL can't emulate this system? Really? We have miniature computers in our pockets but can't emulate a 32-bit system?

  11. the Link you say is not in your description for the Retroarch Cheats im trying to do the same you did to your SNES but without the Link I am practically stuck

  12. Here's the link to the core set, that the uploader didn't put in the description.

  13. Can anyone point out where to get the psx hmod, been looking all day, perhaps I am using the wrong terminology to search for it, found everything else but can't find the retroarch_cheats_psx.hmod

  14. Can anyone shed some light…. I'm not sure if I missed a file or step in there somewhere… Using HAKCHI 3.5.2, installed extra modules for km_retroarch cheats snes, KMFD Manic experimental core set, and retroarch. I can access and play NES games (and the cheat menu via Select + start) but cannot access cheat menu while playing SNES games. Any help is greatly appreciated, thinking I might have to reset and start over again.


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