Is animal role play fetish or just a game of dress-up?


Animal play costume draws its style influence from BDSM, and is deliberately restrictive to help the wearer enter an “animal head space.” While some may call it a fetish, for these people it’s just a game of dress-up. Join us as we enter the world of animal role play and go on a human fox hunt in the Angeles National Forest.

This is an episode of Weird Threads, a Fusion original web series. Hosted by Jonas Bell Pasht who is a film & television producer who has a knack for getting dressed. Passionate about the history of style (and what the clothes we wear say about us), Jonas has produced content at the nexus of style and entertainment, including series for the Esquire Network and GQ. In WEIRD THREADS, Jonas steps in front of the camera to explore the eccentric subcultures that are defined by what they wear.


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  1. Ahahaha Thankyou for this video! I am a furry and had seen 'wierd' these people, yet not really agaisn't them I mean for each it's own stuff, but this looks like super fun! and they still people with jobs and communication, is just a game and roleplay without shame. hopely this community would be getting bigger to the point that it becomes mainstream too

  2. For me pet play is a lifestyle. I am a dog. I don't have sex with my handler. I take on the life as a dog for a period of time. No sex, just a dog an owner relationship. I really enjoy it. It makes me happy.

  3. "It's awfully easy to judge someone based on what they wear. But the truth is that we all role-play every time we get dressed. Whether it's for work, or love, or for fun, you can argue that everything we wear is weird. So why not celebrate it?"

    That was great. Your videos are a wonderful outlook into alternative fashion, a shame that there are only 3 and that the series seems to be discontinued.

  4. I honestly love this video. Love how the guy's open minded and willing to try and experience it in order to learn more about it.

  5. Big up to BDSM/FETISH!!!!!!!! This is my life everyday! I'm a cat, (my spirit animal) 💞💘👍🏾😺😻😸

  6. I absolutely love the fox hunt! It looks like so much fun. I think the way he interacted with his temporary pup was so sweet and respectful. Being a pet can be vulnerable and they looked like they both had a great time.

  7. remember- this is the more hardcore side of pet play. some people prefer the kitten/bunny side (I'm a kitten) and just like being petted and spoken to like a pet.

  8. I know everyone including myself love this guy's open minded perfection, (plus I LOVE animal play, although it's not full blown it's more like how +Maddie Rothschild does it) but I am super happy with the comments on this video too! FINALLY

  9. This is weird.. it's just my opinion so don't stop if you love doing this.. I thought he was talking about fursuiting, which is pretty fun btw XD they look like they're using it for sexual acts, not really for dressing up. It's just weird that they don't wear something that covers up more. but then again i shouldn't really care what other people do, if you love doing it then do it! Anyways I was just putting my opinion out there for other people can see different views and opinions of this kind of thing, 😀 Oh and i do know that other people are this extreme or don't wear minimal amount of clothing.

  10. I'm a therian, and I have a question. Do any people into this kind of stuff identify in some of the same ways we do?

  11. I think it's important to note that pet play isn't always as full blown as this situation, personally I'm a kitten and that comes down to me wearing a collar and ears, and activities include cuddling, getting petted, playing with bells/cat toys, and meowing when I want attention >.< some people take it to this level but not all! I love how open this guy was to the entire situation and really loved the video hehhe ^.^

  12. Hello You might know me from the paper as Puppy Xena, the staten Island Mall puppy Leashed couple. If you are interested, please contact me

  13. I would love to see more videos that have people shining factual light, like this, on petplay. This is a great video.

  14. He could not have picked a better person to interview. SubMissAnn is one of the nicest people I have had the fortune of ever meeting. 🙂 I really do love how open minded this is

  15. oh man he is soo cute. I just love his expressions. I am a weirdo so when regular people really wanna understand weirdos I enjoy it a lot.

  16. Subscribing because of how non-judgmental this series and this man is. It makes me so happy, more shows about subcultures NEED to be this way.


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