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This week on New Game Plus I re-complete Kingdom Hearts 1! With Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out, it’s time to see how the first one holds up in my Kingdom Hearts review!


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What a cross over! When it first came out, Disney AND Squaresoft? And it all happened because of a literal elevator pitch. Now it’s been some time so I’m re-completing the game in the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix PS4 version. This means some added collectibles, PS4 trophies, and updated audio and visuals. And after all this time, I can’t believe I get to say Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out!! I’ve completed so many of these games, and at times they seem endless. But it’s time to start at the beginning, to the game that started it all and created lifelong fans.

Let me know what you thought about my Kingdom Hearts review! And let me also know what other games should I re-complete for New Game Plus.

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  1. The Completionist: “No not that Rikku. The sexy angsty one.”

    Me: Isn’t Riku suppose to be 15 years old in this game? o_o

  2. I was surprised on doing my second 100% playthrough of all these games. On PS4 they changed the trophy to only need 20 bluebrints, not all of them. I was so happy.

  3. Kh3 was my first! I got into Kingdom Hearts just before it was announced, so I had the perfect amount of time to get super invested and ride that high.

    Now I was able to find the all-in-one bundle on sale for a HUGE discount (down from $100 to $30!) And I'm coming back to watch this video as I play through kh1fm myself- thanks Jirard for doing so much a good!

  4. "Nobody liked the Little Mermaid in Kingdom Hearts" is a secret code.
    When fully decrypted, it reads: "I'm a moron who refuses to use magic."

  5. I just bought the all in one collection. I've only played one kingdom Hearts game and that was recoded when I was a kid.

  6. When I first heard of KH I said "Nope, sounds dumb", then a friend pestered me into trying it… There began my journey…

    This was the same friend that got me to try FFX back in the day which started my journey into and love of the FF series, I learned to trust his suggestions lol.

  7. I'm of the personal opinion that no Kingdom Hearts game is truly COMPLETE until you've also leveled up all of your teammates throughout all the worlds to level 99…

  8. I just got the 1.5+2.5 remix collection on my xbox 1 yesterday, and is anyone else annoyed by the color changes in certain enemies? No? Just me? I want my regular purple Guard Armor goddamnit!

  9. I can see Mary Poppins be one of the select few magical Disney entities that can traverse through worlds and is in the know about stuff. Just like Merlin, Fairy Godmother, the Three Good Fairies, and the Blue Fairy among others.

  10. Kingdom Hearts is a great series. Playing on critical has the best combat in any RPG I've ever played. All of the games are good in their own way.

  11. Been grinding my ass off playing every kingdomhearts games all on critical and 100 percenting everything and getting to lvl 99 on all games and well 100 on kh 1 but still getting every weapon everything that can be unlocked on the hardest shit man


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