LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Avatar – Arcade Pod review! 2020 set 71716!


Here’s a review of the first of the LEGO Ninjago Arcade Pod sets, the Lloyd Avatar one!

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LEGO Review #1202

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  1. To be honest, Lloyd’s legs were supposed to be dual moulded. In the show they are, on the posters they are.. yeah. It’s just.. dumb and I hate it.

  2. I like Lloyd's avatar's overall design, but I'm not keen on the muddy green colour. If you can even call that green.

  3. Season 12 of Ninjago confirms Baseball exists!! I love Lloyd's Avatar, they did such a great job on all of them ^^

  4. I look at this and want to try and fit an actual arcade game inside. Probably have to use a wireless controller but still, it looks perfect for that sort of thing

  5. I want buy it in LEGO land but is to expensive the price same with cole speeder car i buy the cole speeder car and speeder bike avenger

  6. With the arcade machine now a thing in LEGO, there’s a possible Gravity Falls arcade set based on its depiction in the episode Fight Fighters. There could be a Nort machine where the screen part has a print or sticker of Soos smooshed against it as well as the machine where Dipper and Wendy play the fighting game, including the cheat code on the print or sticker.


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