Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol

Free-Diving at Dean’s Blue Hole:

This is Guillaume Nery, world champion free-diver, diving at Dean’s Blue Hole. It is filmed by Julie Gautier, the French champion, and is performed on breath hold by both divers. Watch, too, Luc Besson’s superb “Le Grand Bleu” (“The Big Blue”), which rates extremely high on David Hawkins’ scale of human consciousness.


Nery himself said of this spectacular dive: “I do not claim to have reached the bottom of the hole (202m) without rope…as the world record in no-fins discipline is 95m. We made this movie to show another approach in free-diving videos.”


To me this short video and its well-paced soundtrack not only advances underwater videography, but the indelible sense of freedom it conjures up remains like a trace in the mind ….


This short 2007 film by Kurt Künne speaks to me about the enormously important issue of self-esteem … each of us is well-counselled to be honouring our own self more and more, and doing that, we honour the world as a matter of course.


According to Caroline Myss, whose position I entirely share, self-esteem is the most fundamental power we have.

 What if money was no object?

Alan Wats raises some important points here … think, be intelligent about your life! If you’re running after some number in your head, you will be a slave to all that flows from such insanity. Discover what it is that gives you the deepest sense of purpose, and follow that. There is no other way if you want to be vibrant and alive and thrive in the chaos of this world!

Poetic Potpourri:

Here’s a selection of some well-known poets reading their work, from the jazzy liquescence of a Jack Kerouac to Adrienne Rich’s “Diving into a Wreck”, which has tones of otherworldliness of a different order to the perceptions we might suppose a Guillaume Nery to be having when he descends into Dean’s Blue Hole. Hearken to Pound’s gravelly metronome as one imagines him with Pierian rose in his lapel, and “wringing lilies from the acorn”, in selections from “Hugh Selwyn Mauberley”: some of the aesthetic beastliness referenced in the poem is contemporary Australia, too, of course.

Hear David Ignatow talk about killing a fly — no big deal, I hear you say, but maybe you have not felt the fly as part of what is also you — incommensurable, dignified beyond the ego’s noisy moat of knowing: the very stuff of life!

And then there’s Gwendolyn Brooks’ “We Real Cool”, which is not more than a stertorous exhalation: I see frayed cottoned arms handling a cue-stick pointing lengthwise along a table, making the shot, then disappearing into oblivion again.


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