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Ninja Chicken Multiplayer Race


Back to the future or back from the past — Ninja Chicken is here to prove he’s the best runner out of all his friends and throughout all of history! Now you can play through time, enjoy cool boosters and collect magical pets with VERY special powers.
Join the race and run through the oldest period into the unknown future. Make your buds eat your dust while running through the awesome era’s; watch the dinosaurs of prehistoric time, beware of the flying witches in the magic world and escape the tyranny of the canine’s in Dog world — all to be known as the “BEST RUNNER OF ALL TIMES” in the notorious CHICKEN RACE!
Whether you have a Tablet or an Android phone, you can play with your friends on any device, all over the world, in REAL-TIME.
Your medallion is waiting. Win the race and be awarded the title “Best Runner of all Times”!
How to Play:
• Use the arrow buttons on the side of the screen to maneuver.
• Press up to jump
• Press down to slide
• Use pets power to help you win the race
• Ask your friends to charge your Silo
• Don’t eat dust!
• Race your friends in Real-Time
• Hatch up to 9 pets! (Dragons, Angels and Aliens oh my!)
• Each pet has a different power up that will help you on your way
• Wear up to 7 Hero sets and get special skills
• Beat your buds with 3 types of speed boosts! (Magic carpet, missile & dash)
• Avoid all obstacles and be sure to win!
• Send and receive gifts to your friends!
• Watch your friend’s progression in the game
• 5 different eras to duel through

Download link Google Play:


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  1. Кто знает где скачать эту игру?её из плей маркета удалили что-ли???

  2. There is glits in that game what gives you like 10000 gold and xp every game. And its not hack its glits. XD
    If you use it you get everything from the shop in 1-2 days. XD


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