Learn how to make a pause menu using Unity!

As mentioned in the video, we’ve already created a start menu and a settings menu. Check them out:

Start menu:
Settings menu:

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  1. I made this into a prefab and added it to a new scene but in some of the scenes it doesn't work. Anyone know how this is possible?

  2. Hey, I have a question, I've done everything you've said correctly for the past 2 videos, and now the main menu and the pause menu work correctly. But when I press the list in the pause menu, I return to the main menu, but the text is in a vertical position and overlapping each other. What seems to be the problem?

  3. 9:34 Once you say "I enoucrage you to not hardcode it in".. something goes wrong for me and now i can't play the game or pause it?

  4. i have no cursor in my game (its just walking and jumping, no clicking) and if i open the menu the cursor is not there how do i fix this

  5. What if i want my transition animation to work not only when im pause the menu but even when im unpause it and resume the game, i really doesnt know how to do this and im trying for the last 12 hours to make it happend and i cant, anyone who can help me out? a know this is an old video but everybody here are watching those tutorials since today.

  6. Oh my god you can just freeze time like that!? I always thought I had to manually modify everything to make it look like it's frozen, like stopping all animations, making all rigidbodies static, freezing all particles, pausing all timers……. omg this is so easy wtf

  7. when i try to press the resume button of the Game scene after i pressed the button in Start scene it doesnt being pressed (like its not there), can someone help me please?

  8. Amazing tutorial but ehmmm sometimes CALM DOWN like aaahhhh my brain i know i can pause but you are closing the script so fast that i need to slow down the vid to 0.25x to pause and copy it

  9. I literally paused the video at 10:04 and then spent basically 2 hours of my life trying to figure out why everything was being weird.

    I learnt my lesson.

  10. my game keeps flashing my menu with this:
    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using System.Threading;

    using UnityEngine;

    public class PMenuScript : MonoBehaviour


    public static bool IfPaused = false;

    public GameObject pauseMenuUI;

    // Update is called once per frame

    void Update()


    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape)) ;


    if (IfPaused)










    void Resume()



    Time.timeScale = 1f;

    IfPaused = false;


    void Pause()



    Time.timeScale = 0f;

    IfPaused = true;



  11. Hi, so when I pause the game for the first time I can continue it via the 'resume' button, but when I pause again and try to click the resume button, nothing happens… Anyone know a solution?

  12. Im really confused its the second time this has happened the "Input.GetKeyDown" doesnt work for me, unity says "input does not contain a definition for GetKeyDown"

    ok so seems I have to quit unity. I cant do the get key down so I cant do a lot.. nice one. (I have gone through the video 3 times)


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