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0:44 ● Xron

1:17 ● Clawz

3:00 ● Unleashed

3:32 ● toxjq

4:24 ● Rapha

5:04 ● DaHanG

5:37 ● Zoot

6:46 ● Grego

7:39 ● GetSomejelly

9:38 ● Quake Champions

10:28 ● TheQueen

12:23 ● Nitrino

12:37 ● e1z1

12:47 ● Nirah

13:25 ● sev1

13:32 ● Besaba

13:48 ● MurkWahlberg

14:35 ● Cooke


🎧 Music Used:

Music provided by Markie Music
Track 1: Michael Markie – FOR THE MAKRON [Strogg and Peeker Theme]
Track 2: Michael Markie – PUNK’S NOT DEAD [Anarki Theme]


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  1. They appear to already have the entire .bsp completely memorized, I'd assume that's how they are able to go right to a player, they know the popular spots and the exact routes the average player goes to get away from them.

  2. How does this compare to Destiny 2 multiplayer? Please don't troll………………I mean as in gameplay, fun, social connection, weapons, maps…etc.

  3. Quake es un juego para gamer pro, sin duda tiene la comunidad con los mejores jugadores de shooter del mundo.

  4. Bad quake¡¡
    1: the history or mythology of quake champions dont like because where is the alien obscurism, now you have medals, god of the shotgun, god of lightning wtf? Is it not Greek mythology? I remember that in quake you destroy false gods, in qc now you be a false god.
    2: you must get the improvements !? Where the competition is, this is not for "champions".
    3: the models of weapons the characters are so boring that they are very worked to not satisfy in the most minimum.
    4: maps with a boring environment there are no macabre alien technology figures out there … no console no choose you multiplayer room and more more..>(


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