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Quake is a first person shooter that was released by id Software in 1996 and the first game in the popular Quake series of video games. In the game, players must find their way out of various maze-like, medieval environments while battling a variety of monsters using a wide array of guns.

The successor to id’s Doom series, Quake built upon the technology and gameplay of its predecessor in many ways. Unlike the Doom engine before it, the Quake engine offered full real-time 3D rendering and early support for 3D acceleration through OpenGL. After Doom helped popularize multiplayer deathmatches, Quake added various multiplayer options. Online multiplayer became increasingly common, with the QuakeWorld update and software such as QuakeSpy making the process of finding and playing against other competitors on the Internet far easier and more reliable. Various multiplayer mods were developed including Team Fortress and Capture the flag.

The game received much acclaim on release and its commercial success led to several sequels, starting with Quake II, which abandoned the gothic stylings of the original for a science fiction theme. Because of this, Quake has since been recognized as one of the greatest achievements of the video game industry, influencing games that came after it, as well as the artforms of user mods and machinima.


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  1. GmanLives : "Play this game and feel pain. It's part of the charm"
    The fifty people who disliked this: "I doubt that"

  2. Quake is not a great game, Doom, D2, Q2 and Unreal are much better. The only good thing about Q is its cover and atmosphere. The music is also horrible, no melodies at all it's only long sound effects, I don't understand the "legacy", the only thing is the WASD, which is not even the best keybinding despite what default options today say. I even played UT99 with arrow keys until someone told me about WASD when I was 17.

  3. I only played the shareware version when I was kid and so I decided to beat it now. I just did so last night and my only real complaint was the boss fights were too easy. Like the final boss basically consisted of just running down a hallway and walking through a teleporter. Other than that, the game was wayy better than I was expecting. The hype is definitely deserved with this game.

  4. I remember playing the demo… I tried to clip across the bridges to get to the locked episodes. But they weren't downloaded 🙂

  5. in some places like the regularly made walls (man made) look a lot like Quake 2 that it'd be hard to tell the difference between the two in a screen shot especially if the weapons weren't shown. The orge guy also seems to have a quake 2 counter part in the mini chainsaw gunner whom also has a great weapon and will strike with melee attacks when up close to the player.
    edit: I remember that you could look up and down but you had to put mouse look on one of the buttons or else you'd be stuck in a doom style look.

  6. When did shooters transition from this top down view of the gun to the view where you see the hands? Which game popularised this view?

  7. I just played OG quake for the first time ever today and yeah it does indeed hold up surprisingly well for almost being as old as I am.

  8. Quake was supposed to be a midevil rpg with stats and everything but half the crew had there head up there assess so they just said fuck it lets just do doom again haha True story

  9. A part from real 3D objects, Duke 3D is better on every other aspects : interactivity, humor, level design, easter eggs, real places, more colorful…

  10. Although Quake is like half baked game if you compare with Doom, but it gave many gift, such as the "FPS" genre (before that it was Doom clone), TF 2, Half Life… Good old days when Id software and Nintendo (especially 🤔) were pushing the innovation of gaming👍

  11. After over twenty years of playing through the campaign on normal, I've replayed the game on Nightmare. I found it… surprisingly easy.

    I am unsure if I just have godlike FPS skills due to growing up with them as my main genre in the 90s, but after breezing through my recent replay of Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the hardest difficulty, I'm now on a quest to play all the oldschool FPS games I can on their hardest modes, whether I've played the games before or not.

  12. Well, i got my hands on first Quake already when i had my first PC, back in 2007. But until then, i didn't know about this game, but i played Quake 2, 3 and 4. And for me, Quake 1 is more like a remastered version of Doom 64, than something else.

  13. funny. I played q1 all the way and it was never "fucking hard" for me. There are parts that I died a lot but on a whole it was just a smooth experience.

    Funny enough I struggle more with modern shooters since due to the smaller healthpool (to balance out the health regen thing) and more realistic hitscan weapons, I find myself dying a lot more.

    Maybe I'm just too used to the older "go in shoot everything and get health" style of playing and that really doesn't work with modern fps.

  14. Quake I: too much to say. This was not only the first FPS i ever played, but could replay it every few years and not get bored. The soundtrack for starters, well i still havent heard one so good. Trent Reznor in his prime, the many other-wordly small sounds echoing here and there….the different a nd unique sounds even each level had all to its own.
    What A GAME!
    Then the game play is still one of the best, most interesting and coolest experiences. Only Half Life for me or Q2 is equal.
    Why companys cannot make games like this, i dont know. But im just glad Carmack and company did. Playing this game with my best friend in ‘97 was just so fun, as the game and its levels and enemies were so captivating that over the years we and i would play it again, and again.

    Best played btw with a joystick if you can hook that up, lol…then it really feels like your there shooting.

  15. Been marathoning a bunch of old school shooters because i was born in 2000 so at most i've played doom and of all of them I've played i think Quake 1 stands out aesthetically. I love how this game looks but 2 is my favorite gameplay wise, I know that might be heresy to people who prefer the speed of Q1 but i feel the slower speed of Q2 keeps me from running face first into everything if that makes sense. Ogres and Fiends were my worst nightmare because i either get funneled in a room with them or i get ambushed and oof now i'm dead lol. I personally don't like the music in quake 1 but thats not to say its actually bad i think its fitting thematically and for gameplay, just not my cup. I'd give Q1 a 4/5 not my favorite in the series but not a bad game by any means.

  16. Quake's expansions were the first time I think it was really worth it to pick up an id Software expansion, as their previous ones were often sort of afterthoughts. I count Spear of Destiny and Final Doom in there even though they had standalone executables. They always just followed the mantra of, "more but harder and not as good." The Quake Mission packs were definitely harder than the base game but they actually did things with the level design, weapons and enemies to make them stand out (I suspect a lot of that had to do with the ease of modding) and were well made enough to be worth playing through. I'm glad Quake's campaign gets more love these days, back in the day it was all about the multiplayer because people were kind of tired of the Doom formula, even though Quake's single player is fast and brutal with an incredible atmosphere that its sequels failed to emulate.

  17. Maybe it's my fault, but I think it's meant to be played on the highest difficulty, otherwise it's not particularly challenging.

  18. Quake is GrandDaddy of all FPS Games that we play nowadays.Without this game it was impossible to get 3d animation,models and textures I mean it changed the style of FPS gaming.That's why Quake will rock forever.

  19. Quake 1 and Doom are the best shooters ever made. Between those two, I can't decide which is objectively better, but I'll give the edge to Quake because of how dynamic the combat is.

  20. Quake 1 is best. I rly wanted true sequel not like Quake 2 in another universe. I love Love Craft atmosphere is unique and way better then industrial sequel. I dont say Strog invasion is bad just this is diffrent game and should got diffrent name.

    Quake 1 is closer to Doom in first time I think its Doom Sequel. Zombie soldiers, demon looking monsters and castles.

    With modern Doom 4 engine this game could look very unique like BloodBorn.


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