Reviewing Quake Champions in 2020


Quake Champions is simply an underrated old-school shooter with a modern twist.

All music is done by Markie Music so please check out his Quake Playlist here:

I used Ranger’s, Death Knight’s, Anarki’s, and Galena’s themes.

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Steam id: Beardedwonder95 id: Beardedone

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  1. Message from the editing room: It's CPMA movement. Not CPM movement. Sorry that Beardy Boi is a dumb boi.
    PS I missed you guys.

  2. quake should come to consoles. i tried playin it on my pc but since it's not a gaming pc it would crash every minute, so i couldn't play it.

  3. Just downloaded the game, pretty nice actually. But here in South America it's almost impossible to find players/servers. That said, just uninstalled it

  4. I miss that game… I played and I absolutely loved it. But dwindling player count and inconsistent updates doesn't help…

  5. all of the og multiplayers fps are back. halo, quake , doom. finally csgo is not alone. the big 4 is here and here to stay. i hope they could pull it together

  6. Sorry mate, but Quake Champions just isn't there. It's still clunky and has poor hit detection. It's not precise enough for tournament play and not accessible enough for casual play. That and the hero-based gameplay, while new, is just too big a turn off for a lot of veterans. It can be as fun as it wants to the regulars, the playerbase isn't growing anytime soon.

  7. I like Quake Champions, it is a pretty fun game. In my opinion, the problem of the game is not the game itself but the simple fact that I have literally hundreds of games to play and Quake Champions is not among my favorites.

  8. Let's not forget about the characterization of all playable heroes. The one thing that kept me playing were the expressive, very intricate animations of characters in the menu screen. Seeing Scalebearer crushing a robot head in his hand was so shockingly detailed and fluid that it got ingrained into my memory and I can recall it years after not playing the game. And nothing beats the absolute rush of skydiving with Anarki, getting high on the smell of enemies' blood. On the motherfucking Corrupted Keep. The art design is absolutely top notch and it's important to appreciate it as much as gameplay itself. In my opinion, they're inseparable

  9. I last played this game back in 2018, and only for two hours, if Steam is anything to go by. No idea why I dropped it the first time around. I've recently been reading Masters of Doom, and randomly decided to give the game another spin. I'm addicted to it now and figured I'd search for it on YouTube since I kept being told the game is dead and wanted to see what the consensus is online. Point being, I'm glad I'm not the only one to see these positives in the game.
    I'll check out more of your content later and sub if I dig it, but this was a pretty good video, chief

  10. You lost me when you said insta gib (pronounced like gibb)

    Instead of jib, because it’s short for instant giblets

  11. Even as someone who is a diehard tac shooter who has hundreds of hours in counter strike I still love the hell out of this game

  12. Just got on it about a week ago and can't stop playing. Been practicing against bots to learn maps and item locations. It's a tough game and even tougher on an xbox controller since I don't like k&m for FPS's. I bought the character pack and I'm trying to get my friends to jump on. Let's keep QC alive!

  13. play quake live
    or play quake 3 arena

    it's just quake champions without the errors and flaws but without the AAA graphics (which actually makes things harder to see)

  14. it might sound stupid, but this is the only fps im good at, which sounds backwards tbh. The first time I picked up Quake it just made more sense than other fps (overwatch, CoD, etc)

  15. I used to play it alot but i gave up because of its shitty engine and optimization. The game came out after DOOM 2016 has an inferior engine. Cmon bethesda. The netcode is fucking shit and it stutters all the time. Competetive is literally unplayable. One stutter at a key moment and your game is lost. It couldve been a good game if bethesda actually cared. Sorry QC, ive had some fun with you but i would take any arena shooter over you.

  16. This is exactly why there isn't deathmatch in Doom Eternal. The devs said if you want deathmatch play Quake Champions.

  17. Not to mention this game is really optimized super well I play on all High settings and can maintain a constant 240 Frames ALL the time. And if I were to lower settings very easily can get to 300+ Frames for when those 360hz monitors come out lol. I would 110% recommend playing QC right now, there is so much to learn and so many players than can help anyone that wants get better. From someone that's been playing Quake since Quake 2 I'll say that there is just no other game that is so satisfying than Quake. I ALWAYS find myself coming back.

  18. As someone who hasn't played arena shooters, I didn't want to play because of fear of experienced player, but after seeing the movement and being reminded of Titanfall, I really want to try it.

  19. "But it's also a first person shooter, so the cosmetics don't really matter that much." My favorite game is a war themed hat simulator.



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