Skullgirls Anniversary Event Recap Video with Voice Actors at Game Realms in Burbank CA


Skullgirls Anniversary Event at Game Realms!

Video recorded and edited by Edward Payson.

This video recaps the event we held for the 6th anniversary of Skullgirls’ release for PC and console! We had 8 voice actors from the game making an appearance to meet with fans!

Big thanks to the Skullgirls voice cast, Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow , creative and character director/Animator Slex Ahad, and director Mike Zaimont for helping us make the Skullgirls anniversary event happen at Game Realms!

Below is the original info for the event:

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Skullgirls’ release, we will have several voice actors from the game doing signings here at Game Realms!

Date: Saturday, April 21st 2018, 2 PM to 4 PM!

Autograph fee is $10.00 per autograph for each actor, cash only.

List of voice actor guests attending:

Cristina Vee – Cerebella

Danielle McRae – Painwheel

Kaiji Tang – Brain Drain

Erin Fitzgerald – Parasoul

Kimlinh Tran – Ms. Fortune

Laura Post – Valentine

Lauren Landa – Squigly

Rich Brown – Big Band


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  1. don't feel so bad for only recently becoming a fan of this game, seeing how the support and love for Skullgirls and its VA's is just as strong now as it was back when the game first came out


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