Skydiving Gone Wrong and Eminem – The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 2


If you were a skydiver and were in a plane crash, would you ever dive again? The boys discuss along with thoughts on being married vs. being single, and the life and times of Marshall “Eminem” Mathers.


Each and every Monday, Greg, Colin, Nick, and Tim get together to talk. Each podcaster brings a topic to the table, and then, they go. TV, space, books, movies — anything goes.

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  1. Guys your arguments are so stupid that I love them. Im from Colombia, in 2001 I came to the States for the first time and saw Fast and Furious on a cinema, knowing 0 english. But it was awesome to watch. On the argument, a year later, 2 is better than 4.

  2. Loved the conversation on Football brought up by Colin! I like how every person brings different and unique topics to the table, even sometimes discussing current events.

    Would love to know if Colin watches basketball also, or if he just sticks to hockey/football.

    Great show guys!

  3. "Fast and Furious" was better than "2 Fast 2 Furious." Fast 2 was almost un-watchable. That part when Tyrese and Walker were racing the two white guys for their two muscle cars was ridiculous. The part when Tyrese was like "I run these streets!" from way behind the other racer was so stupid. The story for Fast 4 was WAY better than Fast2.   


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