Learn how to make a main menu using Unity!

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  1. Hello guys!! I made my own game on unity called Ping Pong, you can download it from google play market @t please, help me reaching 100 downloads, I really want to make my dad proud of me, thank you!

  2. When I was doing the play button, I didn't find the "PlayGame" function and was confused and it took me 10 minutes to realize that I didn't save my script.

  3. Error: Button doesn't get highlighted
    This worked for me

  4. This may be a super noob question guys, but why when writing my code in visual studio, is the SceneManager.LoadScene…… line not creating links to the library?
    Any help would be appreciated, the text is not hyperlinking at all and I cannot see a difference in my code to the video. I'm using visual studio 2019.

  5. Hi dani used your tutorial and made this amazing game called Karlson it's a milk drinking fps parkour adventure game it's not yet out but…. YOU MUST WISH LIST IT. WISHLIST NOE OR I STEAL UR 🍪 COOKIE 🍪

  6. I did it like in the tutorial but when I start the game I cant click at playbutton and it does not have a dark highlightet area 🙁
    Somebody help me pls

  7. I have gotten to the point where the word "PLAY" looks weird now, i've been looking at this word for like 3 hours

  8. Ok but can you please tell us how to make it so when I press "Play" it puts us into the game. You didnt really tell us how to do that

  9. i've run into problem using this tutorial, the start button, just don't work when i go "maximize on play" also it doesn't work on the built version either. anyone ran into this problem?

  10. Can i create Text and choice based games using this gui which will use branching system for android? there any vedio on this?


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