Super Mario Sunshine: WHAT HAPPENED – PART 32 – Game Grumps


Welcome to Satan’s Pachinko Parlor. Take a number.
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  1. the power of arins rage allowed me to beat this stage. i didn’t even die. the last time i attempted was about a week ago and probably got 20 gave overs. god DAMN it felt good

  2. Watched this a thousand times. I can almost recite it word for word. This time, for the first time, Arin's rage scared my dog. She jumped and ran in the other room. My wife had to go console her while I kept watching.

  3. This level is made by Satan. They actually changed the physics of the game for this level just to fuck with your head. It doesn't function exactly like the rest of the game. You can't go left and right with the nozzles easily. You get stuck on stuff all the time. You can't use the nozzle half the time. It's just a lot of random bullshit.

  4. I still got the hole in my bedroom wall from the last time I played this bonus level. Luckily the controller still works.

  5. What's sad is you know Arin knows the level is bullshit and broken but he doesn't want to seem salty so he doesn't talk about it much.

  6. If Sunshine were to get remade, a really simple fix would be to put a tray or something under it, so the gamble doesn't lead to an instant game over and loss of progress

  7. It's fun to revisit these old grump moments, stopped watching them few years back , wonder how i used to watch them based on seeing their new stuff considering most their jokes now are just farts or funny voices, then i just come back and it's like oh yeah.


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