Synaptics Pointing Device Driver Download for Windows 10 8.1 8 7 Vista XP Latest Version


Synaptics Pointing Device Driver for Windows 7 8 8.1 10 Vista XP download.Synaptics Pointing Device Driver download Synaptic Link:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/8.1/2003/XP/Vista (64 & 32 bit)
Note:Remove old version of it and reboot PC.A folder will be created as C:/Program Files/Synaptics , if everyhting goes right and your problem will be solved.

The Synaptics Pointing Device Driver will allow you to add some advanced features to your laptops pad. You will be able to adjust the sensibility of the pad, as well as the tapping speed. You can also configure the corners of the pad as buttons in order to launch different applications with them, besides this feature you can also program the real buttons of the pad to specific applications. It will also allow you to use the pad as a virtual scrollbar.
The Synaptics device driver is customized to meet the specific requirements of your device manufacturer, externally detached or wireless touchpad devices included.


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  1. Actually,only work for some apps like chrome,ms office and some other apps.Not working when I scroll down on edge, store and other default app on windows .How to fix this?

  2. HELP I CAN'T UNISTALL SYNAPTICS POINTING DEVICE DRIVER! I want to get the latest version >.<! An error gets me in trouble, and my synaptics 7.5 it's bugged.

  3. thanks for the synaptic upload, now just out of curiosity that high of this Ellie Golding version sounds great, is it possible to get that version uploaded too @DriverKart


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