The History of Quake


With the news that iD’s beloved arena shooter is returning in the form of Quake Champions, Danny looks back at two decades of incredible first-person action.

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  1. 5:46 Bruh, Half Life runs on GoldSrc not Quake engine.. besides, Half Life wasn't related to quake as VALVe barely even knew ID existed.

    9:57 that is more or less true, but Half Life 2 doesn't put the player through such a process, but actually, the combine. And they do not go through such surgeries even, they go through: genitalia removal, brain parts removed, memory wipe, digestive system alteration, radio implant in the guts (literally) for radio-chatter, and other minor things such as a few smaller brain pieces removed to cease sympathy or pity. They don't go through literally being sliced or stabbed because they would end up with a vegetable instead of a soldier

    Can someone tell me why enemy territory quake wars looks a lot like a Command & Conquer: Renegade online spinoff—

  2. Doom Eternal and even 2016 but more so Eternal, were quake games wearing doomskin anyhow, not that that’s a bad thing. As long as they roll with that and quakify it up even more that’ll be one beautiful piece of fps glory.

  3. Wolfenstein, doom, quake, hexen, they were all the same to me as a kid. I was a console kid so once goldeneye released, these games didn’t appeal to me. Then perfect dark and halo came and you might as well forget about these arena shooters unless you were an older or gamer. They all kinda became an afterthought in popularity compared to console shooters.

  4. This was such a good time in life. A much simpler, funner life. Now life is a huge chase for riches and posting pics on Instagram

  5. No, it is not coming back in the form of quake champions. It is not coming back, ever, unfortunately… Fuck you

  6. quake 2 was my joint ….

    greetings from austria
    back in my days.. the real deal was on russian servers (THX guys for fucking me up so freakin awesome)

  7. Half life was built with the quake one engine technology, not quake 2. Do you even research these things?

  8. quake 3 is a MOBA, it's multiplayer, it's online, it's a battle and it's in an arena. And don't even try to bullshit the arena part saying that "it's different" because it's in the name.

  9. Quake III Arena wss the best quake, it missed a story line but who cares.
    I still remember my Athlon K7 cpu clocked at 750mhz with a TNT 2 GPU and 64mb RAM struggled to run it maxed out in 800×600 lol, good times…


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