The lovely British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands belong to the Lesser Antilles and are a dream for bon-vivants and the super-rich: Caribbean nonchalance, combined with British understatement. Moko Jumbies, mysterious spectre ejectors, dancing in the light of the fire. They are fantastic entities on stilts, more than four metres tall. The group only takes commands from Shevorn, a descendent of the slaves that the Dutch once abducted to the Virgin Islands.
The slaves brought something new with them to the Caribbean: the belief in ghosts. The services of the Moko Jumbies are still sought after to this day. On uninhabited Salt Island, Alexandra Durante harvests salt from the lagoon. Back home on Tortola, the largest island in the archipelago, she boils and stirs bath essences and other homemade beauty products out of the gained sea salt. In the Callwood distillery in Sugar Cane Bay, Callum and Andrew heat up an old copper vat. A few hours later and a fine trickle flows out of a narrow pipe: rum!
Another bay further on, Egbert Donovan plucks the strings of his ukulele: Soca music with a stomping rhythm and sparse lyrics. This is how Egbert unwinds after working on his lifetime project, the Molluscs Museum.


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  1. I enjoyed seeing the various sides of the island, as presented, but I found it interesting how the writer gushed about the British empire, threw In a bit about pirates but totally skipped over how the people got there and why they grew sugar cane! Surely that was worth a mention?

  2. As a cook on a cruise ship, i'd been there to those amazing, beautiful Carribbean island….what a joy i got in my life….

  3. Those colors are some of the most poisonous substance in this planet please tell those girls to use natural colors like flower dies.

  4. 15:30 Ceza Fan British Virgin island ambassador (joke of course) beautiful islands, thanks for sharing. who is ceza ? this is ceza 🙂

  5. You fellows try your best not to come to America. Policemen kill too many young black fellows here. I really do not hear killing of black men in Canada.

  6. Very nice footage and sharing. I would like to translate with Malay subtitle, the credit will go to your channel .

  7. The people of the island are extraordinarily gorgeous… heavenly people living in heaven …respect and love

  8. I so enjoy viewing the diverse lifestyles of those who are privileged to call the islands of paradise their home. Thank you for posting.


  10. The Brits did their best to "own the globe". When one observes a world map and applies the "Union Jack" to the Countries and Islands they "took for their profits", it is mind staggering.

    To conceive the type of minds that felt they were the most advanced in intelligence, education, and applied thought towards the social/human subject, it just causes a mind-cramp to try to conceive how they justified and applied such arrogance, aggression, "social caste-leveling" – (talk about Ego Minded, segregated from any Higher Minded application), and in any reference to subjects such as: India, Ireland, the Faulklin Islands, etc: (and Henry IIX), they just have some sort of Complete UK Denial and glaze over it giving tribute to their various triumphs as though they didn't cost lives and human suffering, even their own Miltary ones. 😶

    Amazes me…

  11. I cruised/sailed these islands back in the day. I cut my leg pretty bad on Tortola. Ahhh best scar ever!! So nice to see it again. Thank you.

  12. So is the Island still a virgin after all the people coming through?? I think it remains British but a virgin is a far stretch.

  13. If anyone from the British Virgin Islands is watching this and has a job going, I would very much like to leave Britain…….. ASAP!! 😆🙏

  14. Cool! I like the lovely salt collection and would appreciate being able to have such clean fresh living. Soaps and amazing 400 yr old continual rum still simply artists with nature. Bucket list


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