The State of Movement Shooters


let’s jump into this.
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Music Credits:
Nichijou – Dada wo Koneru Tensai
KLK – Blumenkranz
KLK – Nichijou Gekijou gata
Fallout 3 – Fox Boggie
DOOM – Rip & Tear
Paladins Round Start

Quake Champions
Rainbow Six
Sky Noon
Lawbreakers (doesnt have a website LOL)
Dirty Bomb
Bright Memory

outro is “Demonetized Again ( “.


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  1. Getting a lot of comments about Titanfall, so I wanna clarify: I've played very, very little of the series. I didn't want to misrepresent the franchise from my inexperience, so focusing on games i AM familiar with was how I decided to handle the video. That way those more familiar with TF can add their perspective to the discussion in video comments/stream chats.

  2. funke: starts talking about Titanfall 2
    me: oh yeah bitch please i wanna hear you talk about one of the best games out there

  3. Just Cause is one of my favorite games because of the movement.

    Just Cause also made me jump of a castle in the WItcher 3 thinking that i could wingsuit and grapple.
    You can't.

  4. calling titanfall a ea game is like calling a sandwich a burger. its a huge disservice to the sandwich/titanfall by lumping it in with something not nearly as good

  5. making our view diferent to the viewers point of view. VR it would be better to conect with all other games with a mouse controller. but the viewers seen the match different and not take aways the concentration of the player.

  6. another MOVEMENT game that's ALMOST EMPTY is MIDAIR

    however, MIDAIR is Free to play, is small AF (downloads almost instantly) and runs like a dream

    Midair is the spiritual successor to the TRIBES series … which … if you don't know … it's basically movement on STEROIDS. you have HUGE maps with hils and valleys which you SKI on (YES you ACTUALLY SKI on them) and reach LUDICROUS speeds and all weapons are projectile meaning you have to predict where your opponent is and hit the ground next to them … or, if you're a COMPLETE FUCKING GOD you do what the game's title says and aim for airshots a.k.a. MIDAIRS … now don't go thinking that if you can airshot with the Direct Hit in TF2 you'll be able to do that … heh … nononono it's WAY harder than it looks but SO SATISFYING

  7. I really liked splitgate (I think its kalled portal wars now) when it came out because it mixed the mobility of portal with generic shooter gun mechanics. Too bad it flopped in player count.

  8. games like doom eternal bring movement based shooter mechanics to singleplayer campaigns, but what if they were brought to more arcade modes? im talking about a call of duty zombies kind of game with movement based shooter mechanics, as i consider cod zombies as a kind of modern arcade mode.

  9. DIABOTICAL!!!!!!! HYPE PEOPLE, IT'S THE BEST COMPETITIVE GAME EVER MADE!!!! oh wait, people only want to play battle royales…

  10. That transition of Overwatch into a Wikipedia article was so well done, it really took me for a whim. Great video


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