The title game | Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura | World Blitz 2019 Playoff Game 2


With 16.5 points each Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura were in a deadlock at the World Blitz Championships 2019. A two game playoff was arranged. The first game ended in a draw. In game two Carlsen had the white pieces. This was the game that helped him to become the World Blitz Champion 2019. Have a look at this action-packed and tense duel which had everything on stake.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I only understand chess at the most basic levels. I understand values of pieces, all the moves, center control, the idea of beginning to end game, etc.

    Once the play slowed down so I could analyze, it seems that Carlsen had impressive tempo and built up a formidable offense, attacking Nakamura’s pieces.

    Of course Nakamura had a stellar defense, but Carlsen made consistent advances and was able to put the pressure on Nakamura as we can see at the very end.

    I will never even touch this level of play, mostly because I do not want to invest so much time.

    Whoever says Chess is boring, isn’t really paying attention. This had me on the edge of my seat!

  2. He only lost because carlsen put too much pressure, Literally he's handling different scenarios, Thinking about defending the queen and other important stuff or defend the king, Carlsen has control on all of this that's why he win. He's such a legend

  3. I wish they all would react happy for their opponent when defeated and congratulate them on a good game and shake their hand willingly. I never liked how some players look so disgusted after a loss they do a disgusted handshake and run off super quick.

  4. Just watched Hikaru taking a GM child prodigy like he was 1500 rated so I came here to see there really is levels to this shit

  5. I’ve never seen a video of Hilary playing chess where he isn’t shaking his head with the “pffffftt” exhale every 20 seconds

  6. Hikaru seems bewildered as he's gaining no ground on attacks. Better pull back that queen and knight foray as Magnus steadily advances.

  7. I believe any video that will have hikaru have been bombarded by the "6 jesus" chess with him will not be the same for a while

  8. What happened at 1:21? He just moved the king 2 spaces and then put the castle over the king and did 2 moves?

  9. Yeah definitely with Hikaru here, low tier chess is way more enjoyable, at least to watch, likely to play as well. You call tell he becomes increasingly stressed with time, near the end it's just a battle with the clock. He seems to enjoy it much more without that pressure factor.


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