[TUTORIAL] NesterJ Game Genie on PSP


After days of online searching with no luck, I have FINALLY figured out myself how to get the Game Genie working on the NesterJ v1.11 emulater for the PSP. Now I want to share with everyone this one thing I could never find out elsewhere. Hope this helps u guys out….( As of 12/1/12, I have had the time to play around with this alittle more and found out that u DO NOT have to rename the .txt document exactly the way u see it typed out in the roms folder, neither do u have to add .pat at the end.
ROM NAME- Castlevania (Rev) (A).nes
Original way I explained – Castlevania (Rev) (A).nes.pat.txt
Updated way – Castlevania.txt
That’s it and Sorry for all the extra work guys u may have done…

Here is the website I use to get my cheat codes:

Nguồn: https://brilliant-learning.com/

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  1. Anyone experiencing something like the controls "sticking" on all the games??? it's like the dpad keys don't register correctly…up means start, down means left, etc…everything is really messed up!! running on cfw 6.61 Infinity Pro. How do I fix this??? D-pad works fine from PSP home screen….I've tried removing the homebar from the peripheral board, reading it could be a defective homebar…still same result.

  2. I bought an emulated PSP about 3 weeks ago and it works fine, but when I try to plug it into my PC AVG shows a worm virus threat. Is there any way to fix this?

  3. I have a psp 3001 running cfw 6.60 I was wondering if you could tell me how I can
    put a MAME emulator on my psp so I can play old Arcade games and also how to put the games on the mame emulator Please let me know bowden2020@yahoo.com

  4. I have a psp 3001 it has cfw and plays what I need it to what I'm having problems with is cwcheat and my psp reading any plugins I tried to put my text files how other sites said but no plugin comes up in my list. If someone can help with this id deeply appreciate it.

  5. I wanted to say thank you, for the informative video. I was trying to figure out how to add Game Genie codes, and this video was the first Google result.

    I have been playing around with cheat files for a few hours, and discovered two things, that your viewers might find interesting.

    1) Unlike a real Game Genie, you aren't limited to only three codes. I had ten running simultaneously without issue, for one game.

    2) For multi-code codes, you need a new line for each code, or it won't work.

  6. Hey man I am a big psp user also with nes and snes on my psp to lol but i cant figure out how to put psp games or sega games on it can you help you can email me at slinkythedead@gmail.com thanks

  7. And just to confirm, I created a new plain text file in TextEdit for Mac OS X and just copied and pasted the codes off GameGenie (I only copied what I needed), saved the file as "SMB3" "TMNT2" or whatever you will identify it as, load the text file, you don't even have to reset the game.

    What's rather cool is that if you have save states, you can load any save state like normal then load the codes, saving the state will not save the game genie codes, so you will have to load the codes again

  8. bro thanks alot for the tutorial honestly it helped me, cool thats genius all this time i was raoming on the web to find a solution, finally u solved it , i appreicate alot , though u had cough and u were not feeling well, but u made this video for us …THANKS BRO hats of to u


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