Unpacking our show in OUR NEW OFFICE – 10 Minute Power Hour


An unforgettable recap episode where Arin and Dan go through boxes of everything they ever 10 Minute Power Houred, and also through a box of 10 Minute Power Hour episodes from an alternate universe.
NOTE: Some of our memory cards malfunctioned and there’s some glitching in this episode.


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Dir/shot by Tucker ►

Produced by Boruff ►

Assistant Produced by Allie ►



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Game Grumps are:
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  1. Some memory cards were bugging out when we filmed this so there's some glitching on screen this episode!!! SORRY GAMERS — Allie

  2. This was anxiety inducing to watch. The way they just poured stuff all over the shelves and onto the floor making bigger and bigger messes was hard to watch.

  3. You took the night shift on your job you don't even like. However, it's finally over. It's eleven at night, and you just got home from your hour drive. You go to enter your home, but you hear a noise. Investigating the bushes by your house for the noise, you sence something behind you.
    You turn around, but not quick enough. A tall figure in black robes and a mask resembling Arin from the Game Grumps intro stabs you in the neck with a needle. With slight fighting, you pass out.
    You wake up with a bag over your head, and your hands tied behind you. You seem to be in a chair, with a desk in front of you. You can't see anything, but you can hear something on the opposite side of the desk. It sounds like chanting, but in complete jibberish. You squirm around trying to tilt the chair, but it is bolted down. The chanting gets louder. You scream.
    Suddenly, the bag is ripped from your head, and you see the horrific scene you are in. You are in a warehouse, but your eyes have not adjusted to see what is in front of you. After a few seconds, they adjust. All sounds and attempts at struggling escape you. You just look on in horror at what lies at the other end of the table; 11:23

  4. Before they found David Cheeseman I was working on a theory that hed mutated, become sentient, and his consciousness had possessed the Power Hour junk hed been stewing in all these months and was actively attempting to eat Dan alive, and that at some point he was going to fall in a third time and be lost from sight and just never seen again

  5. Scp:5001:david cheeseman
    Object class: Euclid
    Subject sould be contained at all times and sould never be in contact with anyone as it can release a deadly disease into the air that will kill in a very short amount of time. David cheeseman is said to be a cheese carving gone wrong. Previous D class personnel that were sent into cheeseman's containment have either died from the disease that it releases of have been left with severe PTSD after interacting with it. No cure has been found for the disease and any efforts to destroy it have failed


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