Why won't we play Minecraft??


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Arin and Dan answer hot Qs and spill reasonably warm Ts before diving into the warm embrace of where are we again? Hey Google, What is a good video description? Whelp, here we go!

Your normally scheduled episode of 10 Minute Power Hour is coming out on Thursday this week because it is a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE!

1) A discrete math professor using Game Grumps as an example to teach!
2) One Reddit user is keeping track of ALL of your Mario Maker 2 deaths:
3) A shot for shot live action reenactment of It’s Dangerous To Go Alone by R2NinjaTurtle

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  1. when youtubers play minecraft they usually end the series with killing the ender dragon but then end up making their own “story” with characters by taming animals and making a cool base or something before they prepare for the final fight. also if you two are like not “educated” enough on the game it’s always fun to see how people learn and screw up things by figuring out the weird game (even if people in the comments get annoyed about it) i know you’ll most likely never see this comment but i still wanted to be useful in some way because minecraft is one of my most favorite games to play and you two would make me so happy if you did.

  2. If I saw Danny the reference I’d make is “oh my god, that’s famous saxophone player Kenny G and then id just fuckin leave

  3. Alpharad and josniffy played minecraft and just put up their footage pretty much, and it was fun and chill. Giant bomb has been getting into multiplayer on their site and just puts multi-hour streams from everyone's perspectives up which is neat.

    You could probably experiment with some quality of life improvement mods and shader mods to make things oh so pretty and be set. Even if you just went with a shader mod that'd probably be good enough, but there's plenty of general easy to install mods out there, like Life in the Woods(although that one is a bit archaic nowadays).

  4. Its okay if they don't know how to do a minecraft video. The best thing about Game Grumps is that they make every game their own

  5. Honestly just do literally anything in minecraft. Like you could troll each other. I know you two love doing that

  6. The main channel I watch that does Minecraft is Let's Play, the Rooster Teeth Affiliate. Having said that, the older videos entailed lengthy build times, for some videos. But they've also done Hardcore (permanent-death) mode videos, and videos with mod packs like Galacticraft and Sky Factory, which would be easier to make content for. (Less off-screen building.) It's generally more interesting with multiple players and video feeds. That's my take on Minecraft, and what channel is most like your content, and how you would make Minecraft videos.

  7. for some reason this is being recommended to me after a year. You guys should play Minecraft and do literally whatever, we'd watch.

  8. I kind of wish they would do something like they did when they played wow just make a series out of and includ the grump staff. They can probably get a lot done and kill the ender dragon if they had like 5 or 6 people from the staff. And with what's going on these days minecraft is honestly a good game for both Arin and Dan to play.

  9. "i don't know what other youtubers do in minecraft."
    that sucks, you can't watch minecraft videos, or ask people, or do what ever you want to do. so it looks like it's all over. too bad there isn't a way to watch youtube videos.

  10. Most people who dont edit their minecraft videos are able to hold people's attention through the boring parts by talking and making jokes, much like you do.

  11. you dont need to understand the content in order to play minecraft most of the time you can set your own speed on playing the game and create things that you love


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