Would you swipe right for Santa? – Adolescent Santa Claus


HOORAY FOR JINGLE GRUMPS! If you can figure out what the h*ck is going on in this game that is definitely a lot of fun and took a lot of effort to make, leave a comment below!

And DON’T FORGET to leave a comment with how much you’d pay for Arin and Dan’s feet pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Why did the ending feel like True, Neutral, and Bad endings all stuffed into a huge pile of: What the fuck is happening!?

  2. The lovely story of a severly schizophrenic man who brutally murdered his wife getting to spend one last Christmas with his daughter before getting the electric chair. So heartwarming 💓

  3. This is the b e s t, I repeat the B E S T game grumps episode to be created. I wanna eat, sleep, piss, shit, cry, bleed, sweat, and die on this hill.

  4. I feel like I’ve been rob…

    Of everything, the game was free but now 20000$ dollars are missing, I was young and now im 300 years old, my height has also been halved, and a wave of regret is hitting me…
    It’s snowing on mt fuji

  5. I just love that for a majority of this game, both grumps are so mellow and tired, until Arin's Rage Meter does a shot of heroine, and out of no where


  6. I'm looking for a place to medicate my uniform, stupid my brain, lend me my fun, skate by my presents, and sell me to Santa Claus.

  7. Adolescent Santa enters the home, Arin grabs a broom.
    "GET GET OUT SCAT GET OWT" he starts smacking and swiping at the santa

  8. Dude what the actual hell is this game? And who the hell was snorting all that crack when they programmed and wrote the script to this weird-ass b*******?

  9. Kid version of santa looks like a teen girl wearing stalkings…yeah, alright.
    The stupid dialogue in this "game" reminds me of Clannad.

  10. So in this world, Santa is a species of spiritual loan-sharks who morph into a form suitable for whatever clothing they put on, but are hunted to extinction if that form isn't moe enough to dissuade Santa Slayers? Kringle Crushers? Crimbo Killers?
    Or, much more obviously, MC-kun is severely deranged.

    Edit: Upon finishing, I'm actually annoyed that there's an inkling of a moral buried under Google Translate's LSD trip. The idea that hiding away from life for fear of losing your happy…thoughts? also means you can't make more, but it's okay to accept a flow of ups and downs so long as you build the ups into a foundation of memories the downs can't invalidate.
    Or maybe it's like a magic eye puzzle and I wrote that because my brain needed something coherent to exist in the chaos I just watched.

  11. Finally got around to seeing this. So if we could have had half of Arin’s butt hole, and half of Dan’s butt hole… you’re saying we could have had one butt whole???

    And this comment is lost to the aether of the internet.

  12. Wow, Arin is so bad at this game. I bet if he'd let Dan play this one, Dan would have been skilled enough to unlock the true ending.

  13. What's really funny about this is… There's actually a, I believe, 2 episode anime where Santa is a girl and wants the protagonist to experience the joys of the holiday. However, unlike this game, that story was way more competent and really funny. And ridiculous but still funny

  14. I put off watching this until about 3 months after Christmas because I wasn't ready for whatever this was going to be, and it's worse than I thought.


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